Media praise for Gamification by Design

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"This book brought me to a new, important understanding that is critical for the success of my personal vision. Reading this book was one of those "Aha!" moments were I learned something I didn't know was there and realized it was important to have in my continued success."
-- David Bishop, Bishop Universe

"It will certainly set any reader in good stead with regard to gamification."
-- Romi Mahajan, Research Access

"After reading it I bet you will start finding places where you can implement some of these techniques to make your application more enjoyable and engaging. A very meaty book. Lots of content packed in 336 pages (e-book version for iPad). I have been intrigue by the subject for the last two years, so when I saw this book I jump into it with renovated interest." Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,

"Everything in life is a game. Someone is always keeping score and being measured, whether we like it or not. Gamification takes the concept of measurement, behaviors and engagement into the business setting in ways that can enable organizations to meet their objectives. This book serves as a solid foundation." Full Review >
-- Charles Bess,

"Developing web and mobile applications is particularly easy compared to developing an ecosystem where visitors and customers are compelled to register and actively participate on that website. Web Designers and Developers are turning to concepts, strategies, and mechanics found in games to help engage audiences on the website." Full Review >
-- David Hayden,