Media praise for HTML5 Mobile Web Development

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"I was intrigued when O'Reilly published HTML5 Mobile Web Development, a video series on HTML5 targeted at web professionals. My hope was that a tutorial video would address some of the problems in trying to learn from books and provide more dynamic examples. I really liked the content being presented, such as real life examples of how to structure pages, create a twitter app, add geolocation, and creating databases." Full Review >
-- Don Holloway,

"SummaryThis product consists of the recording of 10 classes on developing mobile application using HTML5. Through the development of several applications, the instructor teaches and illustrates HTML5 features. Even though the demonstrations are mostly done on iphone and ipad, the material is applicable to other mobile platforms. Where dfferences exist,… " Full Review >
-- Beady Geraghty,

"During this video series, the instructor provides a thorough introduction to HTML5/CSS3 development. In the first part of the course he walks us through development of a mobile Twitter application. In my opinion, the course is better than a “live” … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jim Giles,

"Video courses aren't my favorite media to learn new stuff because I love to sign my books, add some notes... you know what I mean... but this time I was really impressed about how O'Reilly organized it." Full Review >
-- Luca Mezzalira,