Media praise for Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR

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"An excellent introductory text for AIR for Android development that would be beneficial to any developer wanting to break into the Android market using the AIR runtime. What sets this book aside from others in the same space is its emphasis on good development practices which are crucial when building applications for mobile devices."
-- Kevin Bahadoor, Development Engineer, blinkbox

"Developing Android Apps with AIR is not just an excellent resource for the subject matter, it is also a great introduction to gesture-based mobile development concepts. "
-- Tom Barker, Manager of Web Development, Comcast Interactive Media/ Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia University

"With the release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5, and more lately 4.5.1, mobile development with Flex and AIR has taken off at a neck-breaking speed across all major platforms - Android, iOs, and Blackberry. While there are plenty of resources on the web that cover "hello world" type applications, no article..." Full Review >
-- Santosh Shanbhag,

"The first android book that I am going to review, but this book in particular is on how to develop Android applications with Flex, more specifically. The book, titled Developing Android Applications with Adobe Air by VĂ©ronique Brossier is the book I have been waiting for a while. While there are tons of resources on developing droid applications natively with Java and the Android SDK, a book for Flex developers on how to leverage their existing skills has been quite scarce, or at least non-centralised." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,