Media praise for Best iPhone Apps

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"The second edition has mostly new applications to recommend in a variety of fields, from games to getting work done to lists to notepads and editors.... I'd be astonished if you read this book and didn't learn about an App you need that you never heard of."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"This is one of the best books to have not only if you have an iPhone but also a iPod touch. I love this book and will keep it for a very long time and refer back to it often."
-- Shellie Brewer, Shelfari

"For new users particularly, it is a good grounding not just to the type of apps available, but to tips and tricks on how to use the ones recommended, with differences between the free and paid versions (where applicable)."
-- A. Sammes,

"Best iPhone Apps by J D Biersdorfer $19.99 from O’Reilly Media I have an iPod Touch, and I love it, even if it does tend to need to be recharged every day or two. While I don’t spend that much time listening to music, I can easily spend a few… " Full Review >
-- William Springer,