Media praise for The Myths of Innovation

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"…Small, simple, powerful: an innovative book about innovation."
-- Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group, Northwestern University; author of Emotional Design and Design of Everyday Things

"…insightful, inspiring, evocative, and just plain fun to read…it’s totally great."
-- John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist of Xerox, and Director, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), current Chief of Confusion

"The naked truth about innovation is ugly, funny, and eye-opening, but it sure isn’t what most of us have come to believe. With this book, Berkun sets us free to try to change the world unencumbered with misconceptions about how innovation happens. "
-- Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start

"Methodically and entertainingly dismantling the cliches that surround the process of innovation."
-- Scott Rosenberg, author of Dreaming in Code; cofounder of

"Will inspire you to come up with breakthrough ideas of your own."
-- Alan Cooper, Father of Visual Basic and author of The Inmates are Running the Asylum

"Brimming with insights and historical examples, Berkun's book not only debunks widely held myths about innovation, it also points the ways toward making your new ideas stick."
-- Tom Kelley, GM, IDEO; author of The Ten Faces of Innovation

"'Innovation' is a word that gets used so often in marketing hype that it seems to have lost its meaning. Scott Berkun sets out to reclaim the word and offer up a true definition in his book The Myths of Innovation. I found this book so compelling while reading it on my iPad that I ended up figuring out how to do highlighting as there were many points I wanted to remember and ponder.... Coming away from reading Myths, you should understand that innovation is hard work, it's not a single event, and your ideas build upon the ideas of others. In addition, what you think your idea is good for and what actually happens to it could be two entirely different things."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"This thought provoking book is one that will have you highlighting and making notes. If you’re looking for some motivation to finish a project or the courage to start one, this is a great book to read."
-- Krista, Style Epiphany

"Scott Berkun has written what's quite rare: a book about business and technology that’s also a very funny read."
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"Myths of Innovation is strongly recommended for anyone interested in innovation and creativity especially as it applies to practical applications."
-- Martin P. Wilson, Solidus,

"The shiny demo of your favorite awesome product is perhaps the very last step of a journey that must have begun way earlier. Reading Scott Berkun's Myths of Innovation reinforced my experiences and clarified my understanding of how to innovate and sustain teams that innovate. " Full Review >
-- Mahesh Ramakrishnan,

"The overall effect of this book is positive and has raised my energy level. I am highly motivated to run my projects with new zeal and commitment after reading this book." Full Review >
-- Tushar Joshi,

"If you're tired of hearing the overused buzzword, "Innovation" bandied about the office too often, this book is worth the read. Scott Berkun discusses the different myths attributed to innovation through history, and why innovation itself is not the magical solution." Full Review >
-- Shari Morehead,

"Scott Berkun is an author and blogger, a former Microsoft man. I began reading his blog a couple of years ago, and have found most of his posts interesting and even provocative. In fact, he makes a point of being strident in his views about management, public speaking, and thinking.… " Full Review >
-- Ramanand J,

"Have you wondered how the products we use in everyday life came to be? Was it the effort of one person, or the culmination of efforts by many? That is one of the questions the Scott Berkun book, The Myths of Innovation, attempt to tackle." Full Review >
-- Eric Gruber,

"This is my review of the Myths of Innovation (Kindle version) by Scott Berkun. Summary: Fascinating book not just on the so called myths around inventors and their innovations but also on the challenges of managing creativity. In the beginning Scott provides perspective on famous and historic inventors and inventions.… " Full Review >
-- Chris Kenst,

"I found it hard, when I first tried reading this book, to warm to it. The essay style didn't work for me. Perhaps I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Perhaps the thought of reading a whole bunch of essays didn't appeal. Who knows?" Full Review >
-- Clarke Ching,

"This new book from O'Reilly Media appears to be yet another book that attempts to cover the topic of innovation but does a better job than most of defining the myths and truths of innovation historically. " Full Review >
-- John Sharp,

"Since childhood, we’ve been force fed with false propaganda about creativity and innovation – Edison and his light bulb, Newton and the apple that fell on his head, Archimedes running naked through the streets of ancient Greece shouting Eureka." Full Review >
-- Jerrin Elanjikal,

" Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun is a catalog of, well, myths about how people come up with innovative ideas or products.  Each chapter covers a different myth, like the "myth of ephinany" (that innovative ideas come like lightning bolts out of the blue) or the myth of the "lone… " Full Review >
-- Brent Lattin,

"Over the Christmas break, I downloaded a copy of The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun as part of the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program and have been reading it on my kindle, enjoying the ability to annotate and highlight aspects of the text that seem relevant. Innovation is a word I've… " Full Review >
-- Jane Dallaway,

"Time for my second review! This week’s book is The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. To be honest, I haven’t read any other book from Berkun so far (though many people suggest Confessions of a Public Speaker), but it’s more than likely I’ll start from now on. And the… " Full Review >
-- Antonis Ventouris,

"The Myths of Innovation is one of the most insightful books I've read in a while. It should be required reading for anyone who works for a technology start-up or manages engineers." Full Review >
-- Levon Lloyd,

"The Myths of Innovation is a great fun book for helping get yourself started or continue innovating." Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"I’m going to review the book, Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. In Scott’s book, he busts up the “myth of epiphany” by breaking down the history and process of how new ideas become reality. He explains the methods behind innovation, challenges innovation faces and explains how it just isn’t… " Full Review >
-- Jeff Pabian,

"I spend the holidays reading a very interesting book, The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. The Books walks us through Some of the Common Myths and why they exist. This books walks you thru a variety of myths and explains what is behind some of the most common innovations to date." Full Review >
-- Fuad Arshad,

"Scott takes you in a journey over the ideas you probably well known but was not aware of details. He goes though the history of innovation, shows us some interesting examples and provides with entertainment." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"By taking some of the great past and present innovations off the divine pedestal they have been put on, Scott Berkun illustrates what innovating is really about in his Myths of Innovation. And although the subject sounds negative, this classic … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Remko Troncon,

"While reading I found it quite clear what my organization does right and what areas we need to work on." Full Review >
-- Gary Gragg,

"[Disclaimer: I got this book for free as part of the Oreilly blogger review program] From Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: O’Reilly Media; 1 edition (August 23, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1449389627 ISBN-13: 978-1449389628 Copy: Personal Sriram’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Book Description In this new paperback edition of… " Full Review >
-- Sriram Srinivasan,

"Amusing, captivating, inspiring and motivational – those would be the words I’d use to describe the book for anyone asking. The book is so well rounded that I couldn’t complain of any of it’s chapters. While I skimmed the chapters: … " Full Review >
-- Marius Ghita,

"As a kid I remember feeling uninspired because there were genius' out there, and I wasn't one of them. *How can I ever amount to anything when competing with such people?* Although there are people with amazing mental abilities, most of the people I now consider a genius have no special mental ability, just determination and hard work which enabled their breakthroughs. " Full Review >
-- Brian Bondy,

"There are several books on successful innovators. They are inspiring no doubt, but do not convey the harsh realities. Behind every successful innovation, there are countless failures, plenty of hardwork and effort, a combination of luck, circumstance and so on. It is in this respect that this book is different." Full Review >
-- Raghuram Bharathan,

"Disclosure: I was given an early free access to ebook for a review Scott, starts the book with myths of innovation, which are pretty commonplace in business and popular culture. He explains in detail and with examples of Newton, Edison and likes and explains the time and hard work they… " Full Review >
-- Vishal Biyani,

"Have you ever wondered what the famous inventers had that made them different than you? Are the technological marvels of our days something greater than we, ordinary humans we are, could ever be capable of producing? The Myths of Innovation is a fascinating book by Scott Berkun that digs through the history of invention and brings out the common misconceptions about the process of innovation." Full Review >
-- Matthew Guay,

"So far this is the most 'dog-eared' and marked up eBook I have read! The author has really done his homework on this one. There are plenty of facts to refute many of the myths that are commonly shared and believed regarding innovation. The old saying about genius being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration is brought to life by the many examples he gives." Full Review >
-- Mike Erickson,

"Words are cheap. So says Scott Berkun in The Myths of Innovation, Second Edition, published by O'Reilly. It's easy to call yourself, your product, or your organization innovative, but it takes more than calling something innovative to make it so." Full Review >
-- Aaron Sumner,

"This book is more than what the title eludes. It's not just about dissecting the meaning of "innovation", or busting myths. It's about thought processes, human nature, intentional and accidental evolution of problem solving, and misperceptions about how great things materialize from hard work and difficult choices." Full Review >
-- David Stein,