Media praise for Head First jQuery

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"Head First jQuery does an excellent job in laying the foundation for how interactive Web pages work and why jQuery should play an important part in your development toolkit....=If you haven’t yet stepped into the jQuery waters, or if you feel like you’re missing a lot of the foundation for what you’re doing, this book will put you on the right track."
-- Thomas Duff,, Dev Tips, September 2011

"This is 500, concise, tightly paced, easy to follow pages of goodness. Highly recommended."
-- Leo Marihart, BrianScratch

"The book is well-suited to beginner-intermediates hoping to learn jQuery. It is easy to read, and the more unconventional approach will appeal to some people much more so than the typical dryly written programming book. The exercises really help a lot and are well-conceived. "
-- Michael Erb,

"A very helpful book for those who want to get familiar with jQuery. The examples cover a great deal of common-use functionality and offer some guidance on better practices and style for those who are unfamiliar to modern JavaScript programming. " Full Review >
-- Ricardo Banffy,

"would recommend this book to someone who is an absolute beginner jquery but has got some experience web design especially ajax and javascript. Quoting from HF JS book this book is all about "Lights, Camera and Interaction" " Full Review >
-- Amrith Krishna,

"One of the first things that stands out about this book (and the Head First series in general) is the bright, colorful, and plentiful images used to help illustrate concepts and how jQuery works. They also provide illustrations on how to walk through the specific problem at hand, which is often nice to see in a visual format...even if it is just notes on a pad of paper." Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"Another from the head-first series, this book presents in a more graphical-than-normal explanation of JQuery, from novice-to-intermediate, filled with a lot of examples. Many people would tend to enjoy reading books this way, and I can appreciate that for some this is the best way to learn a new language, but going on from previous titles such as Head First Java, I still haven't enjoyed the structure as much." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"If you are truly a beginner at web design and development using jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc. and very much a visual learner, I think you will be impressed by Head First jQuery. It truly does start from scratch and assumes little to no knowledge. It's perfect for those completely new to web design and development and those that learn best visually with lots of images, repetition, and playful games." Full Review >
-- David Hayden,

"It might sound strange, but first thing I am grateful to Ryan and Ronan is mentioning TextWrangler in the beginning of the book. This way I got familiar with very simple, useful, and free (free as in free beer) editor for Mac OS :)" Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,