Media praise for Introducing Regular Expressions

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"Recommend it, especially for beginners, to read one chapter at a time, and then immediately try the examples with your favorite editor."
-- Luigi Zambetti,

"After struggling with other books on Regular Expressions, I found this to be a breath of fresh air and just what I was looking for. It helped me grasp the basics, easing me into it and helping me to take it one step at a time. Glad it is part of my instructional tool kit!"
-- Ross M., Reading Room Book Reviews

"I read Introducing Regular Expressions by Michael Fitzgerald (O’Reilly Media) to gather deeper insights into the details behind regular expressions.  Fitzgerald does not disappoint.  The reader should sit back and prepare to drink from the fire hose as Fitzgerald drives through … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jason Armstrong,

"I have long considered regular expressions to be the "keys to the kingdom" when it comes to programming productivity. Introducing Regular Expressions helps to flatten what can be a rather steep learning curve. The book is filled with hands on examples and is easy on the jargon. It's a good start to learning regular expressions." Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"Basically, if you have never ever used regular expressions before, this book is for you. It will guide you through the most basic and most common patterns used within regular expressions world. There are lots of examples and lots of tools presented inside the book." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"Introducing Regular Expressions by Michael FitzgeraldMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThis is not the first time I've tried to learn Regular Expressions. But other than some basic syntax, it never clicked. But I think this book provided the kind of introduction I needed to get me to not just know… " Full Review >
-- Kiatikun Luangkesorn,

"An essential skill as a programmer, regardless of language, is to understand at least the basic principles behind regular expressions. Goyvaerts Et. Al has released the very familiar cookbook, targeted at those who wish to take up the skill of understanding advanced search and manipulation language that is used in many languages, such as Java, Perl, PHP, Flex, iOS and Javascript, and in fact even many popular IDE's employ regEx as a way of searching within files, where normal string search doesn't work." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"In this book, the author first shows the example and then explains the examples which helps us understand the regular expressions very well. The author also explained some of the pitfalls of blindly using regular expressions, which I think is really helpful. The author also provided detailed and clear explanation of every part of the regular expression syntax he used in the book. The book includes explanations of several useful regular expression tools both online and offline and how each and every regular expression can be used in several editors with clear screenshots." Full Review >
-- Dinesh M,

"Although I'm new to programming, this book is also useful in your in computer forensics. Regular expressions help you save time when searching for things. This book teach you with lots of examples and also introduce you to some tools for regex." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"This book is intended as an introduction to regular expressions for readers who have no or limited knowledge of regular expressions. It does this particularly well by addressing all the fundamental concepts of regular expressions and also provides examples on how these concepts can be used to solve real world problems." Full Review >
-- Andrew Colin Kissa,