Media praise for JavaScript Pocket Reference

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"I am an experienced programmer. So, I skipped the basics and started straight from Ch 9. I found the concepts well explained and the examples quite useful. You can rely on this book for understanding the concepts that it covers. The author, no doubt, is one of the finest and you will know if you read the Definitive Guide." Full Review >
-- Braj Panda,

"This book is an excerpt from JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, which is the bible of JavaScript. I don't know a whole lot of JavaScript yet, but I think this book is well-written and will be a useful reference once I do. Since this is a shorter book and doesn't contain as much as it's big brother, it's best for traveling or when you don't want to deal with the whole book." Full Review >
-- Ryan Hargett,

"This book is like a quick tour of the modern-day JavaScript landscape by an expert guide." Full Review >
-- Radhakrishna MV,