Media praise for Head First HTML5 Programming

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"HTML5 is the 'future of the web.' How many times have you heard that? If you really want to understand the family of technologies that make up HTML5, read this book! Head First HTML5 Programming is the definitive book on HTML5 for everyone from beginners to experienced developers."
-- Aaron LaBerge, CEO, Fanzter Inc.

"The authors have hit the nail on the head—JavaScript skills are the key to HTML5. Even if you've never written a JavaScript program before, they'll quickly get you up and running through a series of fun and practical projects."
-- David Powers, author of PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy

"HTML5 is a cake with many layers of technologies. Head First HTML5 Programming bakes that cake, and then throws it at your face. You will consume deliciousness and rejoice. "
-- Josh Rhoades, co-founder of BrightHalf

"This ain't your grandpa's DHTML! Head First HTML5 Programming paints a hopeful and confident picture of the future of the Web through HTML5, while empowering you to code your own ticket there. If you're seeking a definitive, accessible, and at times pretty funny guidebook to this standard, look no further."
-- Manny Otto, Web Producer and Creative

"HTML5 is the hottest new technology for website development. Developers far and wide can’t wait to put it to use to build flexible, rich media websites that also work great on tablets and smart phones. Head First HTML5 Programming is the best and funnest way to feed this exciting new technology to your brain. I highly recommend it!"
-- Marianne Marck, SVP Technology, Blue Nile Inc.

"Straightforward, informative and entertaining, Head First HTML5 Programming is a must for anyone wanting to get started with HTML5 or just to refresh their skills. The Head First series helps me to keep my technical skills up to date allowing me to better support my developers and projects."
-- Todd Guill, Project Manager,

"With Head First HTML5 Programming, the multiplicity of HTML5 is approached with a multiplicity in the medium that makes the hard work of learning fun."
-- Ward Cunningham, wiki inventor

"In characteristic fashion, O'Reilly Media took the time to wait for some of the dust to settle, and attempted to create a resource more approachable and solid than those thrown together quickly. The final result is Head First HTML5 entertaining yet instructive and compelling tutorial on how beginners can learn to use many of the advanced new techniques in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript."
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,

"This book is a rollicking ride through the wild new territory of HTML5, where we are all bound to be battling scorpions for years. It takes you through basic concepts so you understand the purposes of the HTML5 design, and then into each area so you know your way around. Like all Head First books, it replaces dry recitation with lively, memorable, fact-laden bursts of information. I will always have the formal HTML5 spec web site for reference purposes, but I’d rather *learn* it lively."
-- Ken Arnold, Design/Build Hub, Peak Impact, Inc.

"Head First HTML5 Programming is a great book! For being a teaching book its very effective and is a much more interesting read than most tech teaching books are...The book is very entertaining to read as well and because of the subtle use of repetition, I found myself not having to refer back as much because I actually remembered the information...I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at doing any type of web development or even WebOS development too, as it uses many of the HTML5 concepts which are taught in the book."
-- Editor of AnythingButApple, AnythingButApple

"I'm still very much a novice when it comes to web developer, but was able to make it through the first few chapters without much trouble. Once I got deeper into the book, however, I decided to switch over to O'Reilly's Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML for a refresher course. With that knowledge firmly in my head, I was able to get through the rest of the book without much outside research. By the time I got to the new tags, I started figuring out steps well before they were introduced in the book. I don't recommend jumping ahead in any chapters - even if you already know it - but it is the best testament possible for the book's methods. They work."
-- Ricky Tucker, Game Vortex

"You'll get a book that focuses on helping you "get" HTML5 and helping you not to forget what you learned...I highly recommend this book. It is aimed to help you learn, have fun while you're learning, and to help you retain this knowledge so you can go out there and do great HTML5 stuff."
-- John Wetherbie, JavaRanch

"Head First HTML5 Programming advertises that it will promises to help “load HTML5 and JavaScript straight into your brain,” and it seems to start doing that right after you open its pages — as long as you keep an open mind about using a programming book that is actually enjoyable and fun to read while it instructs."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"If you’ve been wondering about the new features in HTML5, this book is a good introduction. The authors have stuck to the parts of HTML5 that are pretty well defined, and stayed away from those parts of the standard that are still changing. The Head First style presents you with the material from many different angles, which helps to make sure that your brain holds onto it. One of my daughters is interested in web programming. She needs just a little more CSS learning and then she’ll be ready to step up to dynamic HTML / HTML5. When she is, I’ll be handing her a copy of this book."
-- Ted Leung, Ted Leung on the Air/

"Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Robson have done the community a great favor with the addition of Head First HTML5 Programming. If you are a designer or product manager or backend engineer (though as the latter you will have to get past the less serious tone you may be accustomed to) then this book is for you...Its really hard to write a book for the complete newbie yet remain technically accurate. The authors have done this and more. Let the shared understanding grow. Highly recommended."
-- Bill Scott, Looks Good Works Well

"A excellent book for coders interested in learning HTML5 in a quick, memorable, and practical way. "
-- Armando Roggio, eCommerce Developer

"Ultimately if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but wish to update your skill set then this is definitely a book you should place on your holiday, birthday, Amazon wish list. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed."
-- Mikel King, JAFDIP

"Head First HTML5 Programming is a good book if you know HTML, CSS and at least a little Javascript."
-- Stefan Mischook,

"No matter if you are developing a website or a game, this book will help you to understand the concepts of HTML5 and how to use all new features provided by this specification (review in Brazilian Portuguese)." Full Review >
-- Bruno Cicanci,

"Do you want to be confident enough when the next app idea strikes your brain? Here is exactly the book you should read. Learn HTML 5 and Javascript through a journey filled with interactions, visuals and puzzles. So your brain will never get tired." Full Review >
-- Villianne Ragstreinstd,

"We all have enjoyed reading the Head First series of books and this book i.e Head First HTML5 Programming is no different. The authors Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson have kept the content in the book as much practical as possible which means that your are more of coding than reading. Not all the features of HTML 5 have been covered and the few which were not covered, the authors have mentioned them in the Appendices. But the authors have covered quite a few important and tough to understand features." Full Review >
-- Mohamed Sanaulla,

"This particular book helps walk the reader through some of the new concepts of HTML5 and how it works with JavaScript to provide a more robust and powerful programming language. Such examples include using the canvas, which allows a user/programmer to create images on the fly, such as repeating circles in a random pattern on a background (the example from the book actually.) Or utilizing the geolocation API to help figure out data on your users...probably not the best topic to broach with these days, but still could be useful. This book is not meant to be a complete reference on HTML5 or JavaScript, but a guide to getting started with using the concepts together. " Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"Per the authors, this book is targeted to anyone willing to learn and who is not "completely new" to writing web pages. Don't be fooled, that doesn't mean if you've been writing web pages for years that you will be bored. This is a Head First book, I've never been bored with any Head First book I've ever read." Full Review >
-- Kathy Brown,

"I love this book! It is written in such a manner that I retain what I read, as if it is written just for me. You can't ask for more than that from an author. Their way of going about teaching you is, in my opinion, the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is written in a conversational style, with graphics which evoke emotions. This helps you to retain what you read, because as the authors say, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' " Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,

"Head First HTML5 is a good book on HTML5, and by the end you will have a good familiarity with HTML5's core components. The example projects worked through in the book are good and relevant. For example Chapter Five introduces location awareness and uses Google's geolocation tools to show the location of your device and later even maps it using Google Maps." Full Review >
-- William Rouck,

"As the title says, the book is about HTML5 programming. What is less obvious is that the book is not so much about the markup language, as I expected when I ordered the book. I am delighted to see that it is the integration of several diverse technologies that when put together make a powerful and effective Web application development environment." Full Review >
-- Mark Colan,

"This is the first (and LAST) book from the Head First series that I will be reading. I don't want to do crossword puzzles or look at pictures of tigers to learn HTML5. I want a moderately serious book that conveys a technological topic. These books are radically different from the core O'Reilly books and is a terrible let-down." Full Review >
-- Mat Powell,

"By now I have read (or attempted to read) at least 3-4 books on HTML5. I have attended a few webinars by popular speakers as well. However, I have always found myself lost in the details as most books start with a lot of fluff on the history of the web, how it came to be, etc, etc. By the time I was done with the first couple of chapters, I was yearning for the actual stuff and lost interest. Enter the Head First book to my rescue. Finally here is a book that explains visually about HTML5 and makes it a lot of fun actually while learning it. The authors have done a lot of work in the visuals, the humor, and constant reinforcing of concepts via quizzes, Q&A, etc. In short, I just love this book! " Full Review >
-- Santosh Shanbhag,

"Head First series? good bet!" Full Review >
-- Marc 137,

"Head First HTML5 Programming is not a reference book and does not pretend to be. Go through the easy-to-follow book page by page, exercise by exercise. Come out at the end understanding how to program in JavaScript and knowing enough about HTML 5 to build superior websites. You can always… " Full Review >
-- Mike Ball,

"This is another book related to HTML 5. As I really want to learn HTML5 well I am going over through different HTML5 related titles recently. This time, book comes from the Head First's stable. If you know Head First already, you know what to expect. If you are not familiar with the series, everything is just ahead of you." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"The only other book I had read from the Head First series is the Head First Design Patterns from the same authors, and has always seemed a very simple way to teach and guide you through the discovery, and problem solving. This learning approach allows not only read a lot of theory but assimilate it. The first chapters are about JavaScript, being that if you want to know more of this language this book may be the best introduction to it. Coverage in HTML5 is basic, but has a very good basis and great examples of Geolocation, Canvas, Video, Web Storage among others, thus becoming a very good point of reference." Full Review >
-- Jose Betancur,

"An excellent introduction to JavaScript and HTML5. The first 6 chapters is some of the best coverage of JavaScript for DOM manipulation and server-side communications using the XMLHttpRequest Object I have ever read. The last half of the book puts that JavaScript to use teaching Geolocation, Canvas, Video, LocalStorage, and Web Workers. Lots of images, pictures, and other visual effects and games to keep you learning and entertained!" Full Review >
-- David Hayden,

"If you want an overview-style read with different sections on a diverse range of HTML5 topics then Head First HTML5 Programming is for you. It stems away from basic HTML markup coding, giving you view of potential uses for HTML5 combined with more complex functions and features allowing you to start projects such as building full-scale Web applications and working with APIs. Head First HTML5 Programming gives you all you need to know - it's a great guide for building web apps with HTML5 - with a focus on HTML5 and its potential uses instead of extensive learning about markup. From the first chapter you start to discover all the information you need to build and code web projects; how to make your sites interactive, how to access a range of APIs, and how you can build an exciting web experience for your users." Full Review >
-- Yasin Soliman,

"HTML5 is the 'future of the web.' How many times have you heard that? If you really want to understand the family of technologies that make up HTML5, read this book! Head First HTML5 Programming is the definitive book on HTML5 for everyone from beginners to experienced developers."
--Aaron LaBerge, CEO, Fanzter Inc.