Media praise for Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

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"Getting a handle on Hadoop is straightforward... because there's a great introductory book: Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, by Tom White. I liked this book's first edition, and the second is even better: clear, complete, and compelling."
-- David Chappell, Opinari

"The book has lots examples and footnote resources that enriched the content. Some people recommend watching Cloudera training videos first and then reading this book if you are a beginner, and I agree." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"A premise is a must. Hard to think that someone has not heard of Big Data, is the theme of the day, rages in all conferences and on the Web In summary, remember to unsuspecting & forgetful that it is the increasingly serious problem of exponential data of any kind (we speak now, as the unit of measurement, "petabytes" and over) dispersed in various deposits more corporate or public networks of all kinds, especially web. The troubles of the Big Data derive not only by the enormity of the piers, so much so that they are classified according to the famous three V..." Full Review >
-- Gianni Giaccaglini,