Media praise for The Facebook Marketing Book

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"I like the fact that it’s compact and thorough. It can be the perfect book for a new (or more senior) employee whose experience with facebook is limited to updating her/his own profile."
-- Karine Joly,

"The book is a pretty slim volume, about 260 pages, but it’s an easy read too with plenty of screenshots. It seems aimed at people who already have a bit of a marketing background and are at least somewhat familiar with Facebook."
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"The Facebook Marketing Book is a fantastic resource for anyone with a Fan page on Facebook. It will explain everything you need to know to optimize your page."
-- Ellen,

"Packed with useful information about how best to use the social network to reach your customers, it might be just the desk reference your desk has been missing."
-- Tim Peter, Tim Peter Thinks

"Zarrella and Zarrella expertly guide the reader not only in the mechanics, but also the concepts behind social networking."
-- Kit O'Toole,

"It is an easy to read and well organized book. Also its small size makes it ideal to keep around the office bookshelf. Be aware than it is not a developer book, but developers still can learn one thing or two by reading it."
-- Jose Vicente Nunez Zuleta, KodeGeek

"Whether you’re a marketing professional, small business owner, author or artist, this book will be a welcome addition to your library."
-- June Maffin,

"Overall, the book is definitely worth the time and money it takes to read..."
-- Kimberly Nicoletti, Summit Daily News

"This book is for anyone who wants to know more about marketing on Facebook. The information is timely and up to date with figures and step-by-step instructions. The authors have written the book in such a way as to be entertaining and informative at the same time. " Full Review >
-- Travis Schied,

"A book which details how a business can effectively market its services and products via Facebook. The book is written in a manner which a novice user or an intermediate user, which I consider myself, will find helpful." Full Review >
-- Stacy Gahlman-Schroeder,

"Too many artists feel forced  into the idea of social media, throw up a Facebook “presence” and then are underwhelmed that “it doesn’t seem to be working”.  Although aimed at a marketing/small-business audience, Dan and Amy Zarella’s The Facebook Marketing Book is an invaluable primer for those artists looking to… " Full Review >
-- Michael Dittman,

"Facebook Marketing is not a book for programmers. For us, it's a very hard read and finishing it took some determination. Neither it is for startups that intend to be the next Zynga, as it offers little advice for those, specially with regard to monetization options. It contains, however, good advice for already established entities that want or need to use Facebook as a vehicle for engaging current and acquiring new clients..." Full Review >
-- Ricardo Banffy,

"After watching the too much bloated movie on Facebook's beginnings, I had the impression that to be a successful web-entrepreneur you have to be either a total nerd or the luckiest guy around, not having a clue on how and if that "Facebook"Ě is a real business or not. Then I had the chance to review Zarrellas' "Facebook Marketing Book"Ě which finally helped me finding out. It is not a silly attempt to create an interesting history from a dull money-making one, as the movie is, but rather a clean and practical way to learn what can be done with Facebook in order to perform a good Web 2.0 marketing attempt." Full Review >
-- Rafael Flores,

"The Facebook Marketing Book provides a comprehensive overview of Facebook and provides excellent suggestions and examples for those who are considering using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy." Full Review >
-- Richard Hamilton,

"When I started reading this book I had something different in mind. Coming from a marketing background and being a heavy social media user, I was looking for a book with great Facebook tips. This book does not do that; yet, it is a great book if you start working… " Full Review >
-- Antonis Ventouris,

"Having recently started my own business, Inspired by Savannah, I am learning how important social media, like Facebook is, in reaching out to my target audience.  Because I am just starting out, I am doing most of the marketing legwork myself.  So, I thought this book would be a good… " Full Review >
-- Robin McCoy-Ramirez,

"This book can be used as a guide to using the power of Facebook, the network originally made for select college students, then expanded to larger networks of high schools and colleges, then larger networks of people, " Full Review >
-- Lily Veremis,

"The FBMB is a useful primer for marketing folks who may or may not be versed in having an online..." Full Review >
-- Leo Marihart,

"The Facebook Marketing Book is an overview of the features and tools available for gettting your marketing message out on Facebook. Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,