Media praise for Android Cookbook

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"This is a review of Oreilly's Android Cookbook. A few notes of disclosure: 1. I only read (and therefore review) books that I'm almost certain that I'm going to love. 2. I have every Ian Darwin book and think the guy is a technology God. Yes, I like the book. I think all of the books recommended are good ones, especially Head First Java, 2nd Edition. Thinking in Java, 4th edition is also a great book. I would add "The Java Programming Language" even though it gets very difficult during the second half of the book." Full Review >
-- Thomas Maher,

"This book has the answers to almost any Android Development problem you can think of. The recipes were collected from the Android community and I think that's probably why they are so relevant and practical. They also cover writing Android applications for tablets and phones, not just phones as many other books do." Full Review >
-- Grant van Staden,

"I read this book, all 661 pages, in a single busy day. Downloaded it over breakfast, devoured it through lunch, raced through the recipes over dinner, and finished it off in bed. Can't remember the last time a book captivated me that much." Full Review >
-- Chris Allen,

"  Hello, I am Ozgur Cakmak and I will be reviewing Android Cookbook. I got this book via O'Reilly's Blogger review program. I am a Java/C sharp developer who recently built an android application for the place I am working for, so this review will come from a person… " Full Review >
-- Ozgur Ozan Cakmak,