Media praise for Head First iPhone and iPad Development

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"I feel the Head First series has a great teaching method that is highly effective and really works."
-- Gregory Zentkovich,

"The book is nicely written, with some great examples, making use of an effective and educational methodology, but sadly the book is awfully outdated. I loved it though!" Full Review >
-- Juergen Plasser,

"Dan and Tracey Pilone have delivered a masterpiece of efficient learning. This book will be useful to anyone involved at any level of iPhone/iPad development. Even managers! " Full Review >
-- Thomas Maher,

"Head First Iphone & iPad Development by Dan Pilone and Tracy Pilone is aimed at guiding programmers new to development for iOS though the SDK tools, the fundamentals of Objective-C, and the app development and submission processes. This is the fourth Head-First book I have read, and I am a… " Full Review >
-- Patrick Sawicki,

"Dan and Tracey provide an in-depth coverage of iPad and iPhone development using Objective-C and XCode 4. Their professional experience in these areas is captured within this book and I have a deeper understanding of iPad and iPhone development, Objective-C, and XCode. After going through the book and implementing the examples, I am able to develop my own application for both iPhone and iPad using XCode. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to get into developing apps for iPhone and/or iPad that has little to now experience with Objective-C and XCode." Full Review >
-- David Witherspoon,

"Head First iPhone & iPad Development, 2nd Edition by Dan Pilone & Tracey Pilone The Head First series are always a great way to get started in some new technology. This book is no exception to that. This second edition is completely rewritten to match the new iOS and… " Full Review >
-- Michiel Overeem,

"Head First iPhone and iPad Development (second edition) takes you, again, on a great journey across iPhone development related topics. What you get here is a gentle introduction into iOS programming. Book covers most common issues you will definitely face during iPod development." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"This book covers iOS app development from start to finish in such a lyrically informal and fun way that this is definitely a recommended start for anyone considering getting into this booming area. It provides an extremely accessible and approachable guide for those new to using tools such as Xcode to develop apps for iOS. As with other Head First books, the approach is extremely graphically enhanced and takes the reader through a series of hands-on tutorials." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,