Media praise for Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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"If you're somewhat familiar with CSS and JavaScript this book will guide you to writing your first App and even tell you how to publish it."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"I really have to say this book has everything a great development book should have, very readable, tons of code, links to useful websites, walkthroughs for setting up your environments, etc. It is indeed a great step by step guide to turning your HTML websites into almost-native Android Apps in a very short time. " Full Review >
-- Juan Gomez,

"This book is the Android counterpart of “Building iPhone apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” and covers much of the same material. It explains how to mark up your HTML page to support the Android mobile browser, as well as covering some basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It shows how… " Full Review >
-- Scott Koon,

"The idea behind the concept of Web Apps is quite simple and interesting - to allow to create apps without bothering to learn the mobile platform specific SDKs (iOS or Android usually).  A mobile platform provides two ways to access applications - native apps and web apps. A native app… " Full Review >
-- Rajneesh Garg,