Media praise for Scott & Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

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"Bill Scott and Theresa Neil take you through 4 hours worth of tips and tricks in web interface design. It's a little outdated now but they were certainly right on the mark and it is still worth purchasing and going through as it explains many reasons of why site are and should be designed the way that we naturally interact with the web without thinking today." Full Review >
-- Rhys Powell,

"The Designing Web Interfaces Master Class by Bill Scott and Theresa Neil is, well, a class about designing web interfaces, discussing the common interaction design elements of successful web pages, and also those dreaded annoying/confusing design elements that designers sometimes use." Full Review >
-- Mark Melnykowycz,

"I've long needed to brush up on my design skills and was excited to review O'Reilly's series - Scott & Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class. " Full Review >
-- Jason Irwin,

"First of all, I found that the sound's quality is not clearly audible. It was ok for the presenter but the questions from the audience were really difficult to hear. Hopefully, the content is good even if it can be improved. Also, I would like to have access to the slides to be able to have a quick overview or a reminder of each point in the presentation. For the rest of the material, the video was well captured and the slides contain a lot of interactive examples to really understand what the presenter is saying." Full Review >
-- Laurent Jacobs,

"Review of the Web Interface design video by Bill Scott and Theresa Neil, a good bunch of very good recommendations and patters and anti-patterns on WI designing. Unfortunately it doesn't get into the how-to at all though, which makes this video a "nice to" but not "must to" watch." Full Review >
-- Rafael Flores,

"In this O’Reilly video master class, UI experts Bill Scott and Theresa Neil present concepts and patterns for building web interfaces for rich user interaction. Scott and Neil has years of experience at Sabre, Yahoo! and Netflix. Throughout the course of this masterclass, numerous websites are used as examples and… " Full Review >
-- Hector Lee,

"In the last few years, web-based software have become more and more like their desktop counterparts thanks to RIA frameworks. In Scott and Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class, a video series from O'Reilly, you'll learn about what works in modern web application interfaces, what anti-patterns to stay away from, and how to combine structure, layouts, and controls into user-friendly software." Full Review >
-- Aaron Sumner,

"The beginning is a little slow because I think the presenters are trying to lay the foundations of what's to follow by introducing the necessary concepts and vocabulary. Since the videos are meant for the general developer who doesn't necessarily have experience with web applications I think they did… " Full Review >
-- David Karapetyan,

"I found this video to be a must-have resource for anyone that works with the user interface of application development. While this video does not go into details on how to build these interfaces, it does arm the viewer with enough information to go out and build better designed web… " Full Review >
-- Jon Unger,