Media praise for App Savvy

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"I especially like the business or entrepreneurship related chapters focusing on fitting app ideas into existing market and reality, finding, interviewing and taking care of customers."
-- Krzysztof Satola, ZeroHeroBlog, Software Architect and an iOS Developer

"Great starting point for the overall app process. Don't let the publication date fool you, this is still pretty solid information to keep in mind when going through the development process. Let's be real here, policies, procedures, and terminology change all the time. The way I look at it, this book is the map. Twitter and other resources (including Ken's blog) are the traffic map to know where to go when you're navigating the development path." Full Review >
-- R George Komoto,

"There are countless titles on writing an iPhone or iPad app. As for the apps themselves it becomes increasingly difficult for book authors to distinguish himself from others, to make the textbook unique and a worthwhile read. App Savvy, having been published in 2010, manages to capture the readers attention quite easily - still today. " Full Review >
-- Thomas Kuenneth,

"I have collected a number of books and articles related to App development for the iOS platform. I chose to look at and review this book because it was the first one I ran across that doesn't simply focus on app development. App Savvy looks to help you plan and execute your development efforts. " Full Review >
-- Carlos Randolph,

"Everybody's doing it. They are sitting on that great idea for a next amazing application. The first lesson that Yarmosh empahsises is that your 'app idea must be more than just an idea.' This is 'the' textbook for iApp development." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"App Savvy is a great book if you've got an idea for an iOS app or want to move into the space. It has a good introduction to the topics that you should be thinking about, presenting a strategy for how to produce a successful app." Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"Interesting book that is written for the non-programmer and the programmer, who has the technical abilities but lacks the marketing skill to peddle his wares. There are some obvious stories as to the need to plan and the approach but there are a lot of other stuff that would assist the man of ideas." Full Review >
-- Sridhar Krishnamurthi,

"The App Store has its own idiosyncrasies that can be confusing for a first-time developer trying to learn the creation and app submission process. Before you launch your first app to the App Store, be sure to read this book first!" Full Review >
-- Shari Morehead,

"App Savvy is the comprehensive guide for the designer, developer, entrepreneur who is interested in breaking into the market of building iPad and iPhone apps. Ken Yarmosh guides you through the entire process from conceptualizing, developing and marketing your next app. This is not a book which teaches you to… " Full Review >
-- Hector Lee,