Media praise for Closure: The Definitive Guide

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"Though I do not earn my living by coding on JavaScript I use it in pet projects from time to time and must confess my Javascript-fu is far from being stellar. I thought that reading book about industrial-grade javascript library would give me better knowledge of current state in this area. Enter "Closure: The Definitive Guide" by Michael Bolin." Full Review >
-- Oleksandr Tymoshenko,

" Google Closure is a set of libraries and tools for developing large Javascript applications with minimal errors. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the features available in the Closure products.Chapter 2 of the book details the annotations that can be used to assist the Closure Compiler with verifying correctness… " Full Review >
-- Fawad Halim,

""Closure: The Definitive Guide" by Michael Bolin does a very nice job on explaining a battle-tested, very complex tool that helps maintaining very complex JavaScript codebases manageable and understandable." Full Review >
-- Ricardo Banffy,