Media praise for MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

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"Few people will read this book cover to cover, but its written in such a way that you can do so. However, if you want to go from mongo n00b to seasoned novice reading through the book is the way to go."
-- Justin Dearing, Just a Programmer

"Kristina Chodorow and Michael Dirolf have written an excellent introductory book for understanding the MongoDB stack, data structure, and API. Would I consider this a 'Definitive Guide'? It is hard to say, I'm a novice at databases. Certainly though, this book is, a well written, easy to follow guide to MongoDB." Full Review >
-- Peter Voorhees,

"If you're coming from a relational database background and wish to learn more about MongoDB or are interested in it as an example of a NoSQL implementation, this is a great book. I enjoyed reading it and learned quite a bit in the process." Full Review >
-- Matt Lord,