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Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

James Tisdall
October 2001
0-596-00080-4, Order Number: 0804
384 pages, $39.95

Author's Articles

Parsing Protein Domains with Perl--James Tisdall, author of O'Reilly's Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics, shows biologists how to program in Perl using biological data, with downloadable code examples. James will be speaking at O'Reilly's upcoming Bioinformatics Technology Conference.

Why Biologists Want to Program Computers--The economic and scientific benefits of biologists learning to program are explained by James Tisdall, author of O'Reilly's upcoming Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics.

Beginning Bioinformatics--Find out what the average Perl programmer needs to know to get into the exciting new field of bioinformatics, from James Tisdall, author of Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics.

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