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A Matter of Semantics

By Mike Amundsen
May 16, 2013

Messages on the Web carry three levels of information: Structure Semantics, Protocol Semantics, and Application Semantics. No matter the implementation style, all three of these are needed for any successful communication between client and server. This threesome (S-P-A) forms the …

Highly Generic Schemas - A schema is like an aircraft: it can be designed for stability or maneuverability but not both.

By Rick Jelliffe
July 7, 2010

Developer Christophe Lauret recently commented: "A schema is like an aircraft: it can be designed for stability or maneuverability but not both." I recently have been trying a different method for designing intermediate schemas in publication chains. It is an exercise in taking the three-layer model for XML with Schematron to an extreme. The best name I can think of this is Highly Generic Schemas.

Parameterized conditionals and versions within a single schema document - In praise of plain old macro-processing...

By Rick Jelliffe
January 21, 2010

What we can see there are three separate requirements: Conditional type assignment: it can change depending on the version Parameterized type assignment: it changes based on out-of-band information, not data in the schema or instance Declarations that are not needed are marked, so that it is possible to generate each clean version simply; useful for other utilities too As far as I can tell, XSD conditionals only allow the first of these, and its conditionals are run-time not compile time.

Test-Driven Development for standards-makers - Connexions with XML, XSD and Schematron

By Rick Jelliffe
August 23, 2009

Fans of nerdy men with beards will enjoy the InfoQ website. Watching Freeman and Feather's TDD - Ten years later, a few things stuck out relevant to standards-makers and to Schematron.

Converting XML Schemas to Schematron (#16): XML Schema Test Suite results for beta 0.5 - The suite smell of success?

By Rick Jelliffe
August 6, 2009

Paul Hermans has kindly set up a process (I believe an XProc pipeline using Calabash and SAXON 9) to test the XML Schema to Schematron converter I have been documenting in this blog over the last few years. Here are some results.

Converting XML Schemas to Schematron (#15): Qname madness

By Rick Jelliffe
August 6, 2009

I have recently being doing some more work on the XML Schema to Schematron converter, and one of the first issues to come up is more proper handling of namespaces.

Converting XML Schemas to Schematron (#14): beta available

By Rick Jelliffe
March 9, 2009

The beta release of my open source XML Schema validator is available now, from

Sosnowski series on schemas and service nexus

By Rick Jelliffe
January 23, 2009

Dennis Sosnoski has a good article Schema for Web Services - Part I: Basic Datatypes up at InfoQ. It looks like being a series, and Dennis knows his stuff. It is about some gotchas with data binding.... There are many parts of XSD which don't play well for use in automated data binding systems, but I suspect many of Dennis' gotchas in this article are just intrinsic to exchange rather than being flaws in XSD datatypes, necessarily.

Converting XML Schemas to Schematron (#13): Identify constraints

By Rick Jelliffe
December 12, 2008

This article sketches out how to implement the same functionality as XSD's integrity constraints in Schematron.

Converting Schematron to XML Schemas, part 2

By Rick Jelliffe
December 3, 2008

I have not written anything about converting Schematron schemas to XML Schemas in the 12 months since the last little article. So here is another approach for schemas that were not written to be XSD-conversion friendly: it is just brute force and ignorance (BFI) pattern matching.

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