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Can Markup Unite?

By Simon St. Laurent
August 8, 2013

A few years ago, I stopped talking about XML and starting talking about markup. After a few too many conversations with developers who had found XHTML, web services, and various other things that had proudly branded themselves with the “X,” …

Building RESTful Services with XQuery and XRX

By Kurt Cagle
January 24, 2009

I've been banging on the RESTful services/XRX bandwagon for a while now, and the good folks at O'Reilly have kindly consented to let me get out the entire trap drum set for an O'Reilly Webinar entitled "Building RESTful Services with XQuery and XRX".

Analysis 2009: XForms and XML-enabled clients gain traction with XQuery databases

By Kurt Cagle
January 6, 2009

I'm beginning to despair about XForms, which is perhaps a good sign. XForms is perhaps the oldest of the W3C technologies that has yet to either die completely or really dramatically take off, and for all that it has...

XForms for Prototyping

By Philip Fennell
December 1, 2008

A high-fidelity prototype provides the engineers and QA organization with a rich, interactive description of the product's intended functionality and design to be used as a reference basis for implementation and test. Whenever this subject is raised my thoughts turn immediately to XForms. The advantage of prototyping with XForms is that it is quick, declarative, readable and is well defined.

Five RESTful Friends

Five RESTful Friends
By Dan McCreary
November 11, 2008

Sometimes in computing, as in life, we are surrounded by friends that are standing by to help us. But unless we are aware our friends exist and we give them the information they need to help us, we will not be able to take advantage of their services. Here is a brief overview of five web application friends you may not be aware of that are standing by to help you with your web application performance.

XRX and Context Delivery Architecture

By Dan McCreary
November 6, 2008

What if your web applications could all be quickly customized based on needs of a specific person, role or group? What if you could start out with one general form but it could be easly customized for different roles, groups or class of users? We call these forms CoDA (for Context Delivery Architecture) forms because they can take advantage of the context aware features of the XRX architecture.

The Future of XForms

By Philip Fennell
October 2, 2008

Some of the recent talk on the Mozilla XForms Project's mailing list (dev-tech-xforms) has been about the winding-down in effort on the Mozilla XForms plug-in. There has been praise for the efforts of those developers involved in the project, and quite rightly so. However, some people may be seeing this as a bad sign for XForms in general. Well, not so I say and the reasons for this are three-fold...

Metaphorical Web and XRX

Metaphorical Web and XRX
By Kurt Cagle
October 1, 2008

Contrary to popular opinion, anger is not in fact all that good for a writer - you write, but what you write usually falls into the kind of political diatribes favored by more radical members of fringe parties.

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