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Applying “Great by Choice” to publishing

By Michael Foy
February 27, 2013

I don’t think it’s news that most publishers are struggling with the same changes that accosted the music industry a few years ago. Shrinking demand for traditional products coupled with very specific needs for digital content. Challenging times are testing …

Speaking as a publishing recruiter and author

By Michael Foy
January 23, 2013

Mining dollars from the digital age. It’s what every publisher is concerned with lately. In my day job as recruiter, as I like to say, I’ve clinically observed publishers struggling with the new realities. By night, as I assume my …

The Increasing Value of Diversity and Inclusion in a Connected Workplace

By Sarah Sorensen
December 6, 2011

To capitalize on ideas, solve problems, and make decisions that will drive success, businesses must ensure they have a workplace that contains, connects, and values a diverse set of thoughts, perspectives and experiences. An inclusive work environment can drive revenues, collaboration, innovation, productivity and customer preference

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