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PowerShell Command Line Introduction

By Doug Finke
June 12, 2013

Here’s a slick PowerShell 3.0 one-liner. If you want to pull down an RSS feed from a blog, displaying only the title and publication date try: Invoke-RestMethod "" | Select title, pubdate It’s that simple. No looping, no checking end …

Upward Mobility: Should there be only one?

By James Turner
April 29, 2013

As long as most people can remember, the smartphone space has been a contested one. Before the iPhone became temporarily ubiquitous, RIM and Palm were fighting it out to own the market, and today you have a plethora of platforms …

Building native apps from JavaScript using Titanium

By Andy Oram
April 18, 2013

In this interview, the author of Titanium: Up and Running describes how Titanium can be used to generate native mobile apps from JavaScript code. He distinguishes the Titanium platform from native API programming and from other popular JavaScript platforms for …

Strata Week: Hortonworks brings Hadoop to Windows

By Jenn Webb
February 28, 2013

Windows gets Hadoop, Intel launches Hadoop distribution Hortonworks released a beta version of its Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows this week. In the press release, the company highlights the mission is to “expand the reach of Apache Hadoop across the …

Developer Week in Review: A big moment for Kinect?

Developer Week in Review: A big moment for Kinect?
By James Turner
January 13, 2012

Microsoft thinks the Kinect has a bright future with the PC. Elsewhere, we have a new contender for worst software patent ever, and the mayor of New York City wants to get his geek on.

Developer Week in Review: Are .NET programmers going extinct?

Developer Week in Review: Are .NET programmers going extinct?
By James Turner
June 15, 2011

For Microsoft programmers, the week brought fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding their future as an elite class of developers. For a lucky teen, it brought a big paycheck. And for fans of Java, it brought a new version of the popular language one step closer to release.

Setting Up A Dev PC

By Jesse Freeman
January 20, 2011

Learn how to set up a clean install of Windows to become the perfect dev environment. I go through a list of apps I find critical to the mobile and web development I do.

I'm a BSD

By Rick Jelliffe
June 11, 2010

This week I am taking FreeBSD 8.0 for a spin. So far, I like it enough that it will probably be my normal desktop environment. It seems to have the right stuff: my PC seems markedly faster. FreeBSD's slogan is...

Inside the E-Wars: So Long Twitter You're a Fad Going Bye-Bye?

By William Stanek
March 15, 2010

Twitter has been a fun experiment for me the past few months as I take a break from tech writing and focus on my creative side. Interesting, Twitter usage study out from Barracuda Labs. This annual report follows their 2008...

Microsoft Press and O'Reilly

By William Stanek
December 1, 2009

William here, talking about the new Microsoft Press / O'Reilly partnership launches officially and it's pretty cool. You can learn more about the possibilities this new partnership brings at the new Microsoft Press site pictured in the figure below. Currently,...

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.
By Allen Noren
November 4, 2009

We're launching the beta of O'Reilly Answers, and I'm inviting you to be part of it. In brief, O'Reilly Answers is a community site for sharing knowledge, asking questions, and providing answers that brings together our customers, authors, editors, conference speakers, and Foo (Friends of O'Reilly). O'Reilly is at the center of an amazing exchange of knowledge sharing and idea generation, and we want you to join us in changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.

The importance of ubiquity

By Scott Barnes
October 23, 2009

I've spent a few years studying the behavioral pattern associated with ubiquity, and I'm surprised at what I've learned along the way. Here right now, I'm going to unload my findings, and it's up to you to keep an open...

Moving to Windows 7

By Amy Blankenship
August 1, 2009

A couple of months ago, I got a brand new Dell laptop. To future-proof it, I ordered it with enough RAM that it needed 64-bit Windows to fully use all that muscle. So, once my in-house IT department (AKA my...

Low End Linux Netbook Prices Continue To Drop

By Caitlyn Martin
June 29, 2009

It almost goes without saying that you won't find anything that runs Windows at anywhere near these prices. Oh, and no, that doesn't mean that Linux is somehow inferior as Windows fans would want you to believe. It is, however, free of charge.

High Netbook Return Rate? Windows Is the Problem

By Caitlyn Martin
June 9, 2009

Note that the quoted story wasn't referring to netbooks running Linux. It was referring to all Intel Atom powered netbooks. I am assured over and over again by tech pundits like Mr. Weinberg that nowadays almost all those netbooks run Windows, not Linux. Did it ever occur to people that Windows might actually be the cause of the disappointment customers face and the high returns?

Windows 7 Starter Pushes the Web and IE

By Brady Forrest
April 23, 2009

I run XP on my netbook and I've been looking forward to running Windows 7 on it. So I've been watching news about Windows 7 with interest. There is much discussion this week that the low-priced Starter Edition will only let you run three apps at a time. If you want to run more then you'll have to pay...

[AWS:EC2] Windows Gains EC2:EU Support; Additional US Availability Zone

By M. David Peterson
March 3, 2009

As per the recent announcement in the AWS:EC2 forums, Amazon Web Services has beefed up their support of Windows 2k3, adding an additional availability zone in the U.S. as well as extending support via two availability zones to EC2:EU.

Windows or Linux? A case of machine ignorance

By Andy Oram
March 1, 2009

Our artist at O'Reilly was spell-checking the text in a drawing and got a strange recommendation. Perhaps Adobe is little behind the times, not recognizing Linux as a word, but where did the recommendation for Windows come from?

VirtualBox 2.1.0 Released: A Look at the Mac Version

By Todd Ogasawara
December 24, 2008

VirtualBox 2.1.0 adds Intel VT-x hardware virtualization support as well as the ability to run 64-bit Guest OSes on a 32-bit host OS. I installed Xubuntu (based on Ubuntu 8.1.0) and brought in the previously built Windows 2000 Guest OS for testing. The results look good so far.

Installing Instant Rails on Windows

By Simon St. Laurent
December 22, 2008

Instant Rails is getting old, but it's still a quick way to install Rails and start coding. This screencast shows how to download and install Instant Rails, and shows off how it works with a simple example from Chapter 2 of Learning Rails.

ClamXav: Free Anti-Virus for Your Mac - Help Protect Your PC Friends

By Todd Ogasawara
December 10, 2008

The consensus seems to be that Mac OS X does not need anti-virus software. However, I thought about anti-virus in terms of Windows running as a Guest OS as well as people running Windows XP/Vista with whom I exchange documents. So, I took a look at the free ClamXav (based on the Open Source ClamAV proejct) as an anti-virus tool.

Is Apple OS X More Secure than Windows?

By John Viega
December 1, 2008

OS X Security is a pretty fun topic for me, because I love watching the carnage when people fight. Before I register my opinion, I need to be clear that I've been operating almost exclusively on a Mac since OS...

Why Jerry Seinfeld Probably Cost Microsoft a Lot More than $10 Million

By Nitesh Dhanjani
November 10, 2008

In this article, I want put forth a case study to demonstrate how capturing feelings on the social web can allow companies to measure the reputation of their brand.


By M. David Peterson
October 1, 2008

In a surprise announcement just a few moments ago, Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services lead technical evangelist announced they would now be supporting Windows on EC2. This is a /HUGE/ deal, especially when you consider the fact that Microsoft is rumored to be preparing a competitor to EC2, something they will supposedly be announcing at the PDC in November.

VirtualBox 2.0 Update OK for Windows, Not So Good for Linux

By Todd Ogasawara
September 9, 2008

Sun VirtualBox 2.0 was released on Sept. 4, 2008. I tried this free Open Source cross-platform virtualization hypervisor on an iMac running OS X Leopard. Microsoft Windows virtualization looks somewhat improved. But, running Fedora 9 Linux resulted in problems that I did not see with VirtualBox 1.6.2 a few months ago.

VMware Fusion 2 Release Candidate 1: Looking Better!

By Todd Ogasawara
September 3, 2008

VMware Fusion 2 Release Candidate 1 addresses the major problems I ran into when I tried the Beta 2 release a month ago. There are a few glitches I ran into. But, it looks like Fusion 2.0 is on track for a production release soon.

VMware Fusion 2.0 RC1 Includes Free 1yr McAfee VirusScan

By Todd Ogasawara
September 1, 2008

VMware Fusion 2.0 RC1 includes free McAfee VirusScan Plus 1-yr subscription for Microsoft Windows Guest OSes on your Mac. But, IMHO, it is a pretty "heavy" product and you might still want to look around.

Windowing in Flex - FlexMDI

By Adam Flater
August 26, 2008

A couple of my co-workers at Universal Mind started a project a while back called FlexMDI. Ben Clinkinbeard and Brian Holmes started this project after meeting at 360 Flex - Seattle last August. Also on the project is Brendan Meutzner.

Vista Must Haves? Tablet PC Must Haves?

By C.K. Sample III
August 22, 2008

After all the talk about Vista being a bad platform and people constantly talking about downgrading to XP, I'm wondering if there are any dedicated Vista users out there with some great recommendations for Vista Must Haves.

Mac vs PC: Does it matter anymore?

By C.K. Sample III
August 15, 2008

Is Mac vs. PC becoming irrelevant because of the maturing of the internet as a platform and cloud computing?

VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2: Almost There But Not Quite

By Todd Ogasawara
August 6, 2008

VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2 looks good when used with Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. I ran into problems when testing it with Fedora 8 though. It is a Beta release, however. So, I'm not passing judgement on it until I see the Release Candidate and production release.

Timing is everything

By Daniel H. Steinberg
June 26, 2008

The cost of fixing bugs found early in development is much less than the cost of fixing bugs found late -- like during Q A or after a product ships.

VirtualBox 1.6.2: Open Source Virtualization for Macs

By Todd Ogasawara
June 10, 2008

VirtualBox 1.6.2 is an Open Source virtualization hypervisor that runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. I tested it by installing Windows 2000 and Fedora 9 on my iMac. It doesn't have all the features of VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. But, the price is right and it does a pretty decent job. Read on for more impressions from my testing...

The Controversy over Apple's Safari for Windows "Update"

By Jochen Wolters
March 25, 2008

Like many Mac afficionados, I have to resort to using Windows for some of the work I do, and while working on a Windows machine, I rely on the familiar QuickTime and iTunes combo to add some music to my work day. The installer for this software includes a special stand-alone utility which helps keep the software up-to-date. Much like the Software Update utility on the Mac. The most recent update from last week, though, presented a fresh copy of Apple's Safari webbrowser even if the software was not installed yet. And the discussion on the 'Net on whether this behavior is acceptable, or not, is now in full swing.

OK to Virtualize Windows Home Basic and Home Premium on Your Mac Now

By Todd Ogasawara
January 22, 2008

Go forth and virtualize Windows Home Basic or Home Premium on your Mac using Parallels or Fusion. It is ok now. Phew...

Resolution Scorecard

By Daniel H. Steinberg
December 23, 2007

I had set this year as the year I would become Microsoft free. I have nothing against Microsoft --- there were just some products I wanted to stop using: IE, Office, and Windows.

Windows Vista Multimedia Tips

By David Battino
December 18, 2007

O'Reilly just released Windows Vista Annoyances and you can read the multimedia solutions chapter online for free.

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