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Exploring Proximity with iBeacons

By Hari K Gottipati
January 7, 2014

In the last couple of months, iBeacon is making a lot of noise. iBeacons are small wireless sensors placed inside any physical space that transmit data to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth …

Why indoor navigation is so hard

Why indoor navigation is so hard
By Nick Farina
October 11, 2011

The mapping applications built into smartphones are fantastic ... until you arrive at your destination. Here, Nick Farina explains how indoor navigation apps can and should work.

Four short links: 28 February 2011

By Nat Torkington
February 28, 2011

Making or Breaking Culture -- I'd never thought of HR as something that requires courage, but these stories clearly illustrate that if you want to put your people first then you must do so when it would be easier to buckle. (via Richard Hulse on Twitter) Lightpainting Wifi Signal Strength in Urban Neighbourhoods (Vimeo) -- I'm a junkie for...

The Watering Hole - How Slow Can You Go?

The Watering Hole - How Slow Can You Go?
By James Turner
August 9, 2010

Think I'm exaggerating? How about over 24 hours to upload 100 pictures to Flickr?

When Google Owns Everything

When Google Owns Everything
By David Battino
June 19, 2009

Here in Japan, the one available Wi-Fi signal comes with some intriguing restrictions. It's part of FON, a worldwide system of hotspots comprised of people who share their bandwith -- in this case for $5 a day. But Google services are free, so I'm seeing the Web as Google does. And I want more.

Verizon Mi-Fi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

Verizon Mi-Fi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot
By Brian Jepson
June 5, 2009

The folks at Verizon Wireless and Weber Shandwick Worldwide sent me a review unit of the Verizon Mi-Fi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. It's a great device that combines the broad coverage of EV-DO (the 3G cellular data system used by Verizon...

Networked Printers and Speakers with AirPort WiFi

By Derrick Story
January 14, 2009

The current AirPort base station combined with iTunes, Apple TV, the iPhone, a handful of printers, and powered speakers have enabled me to configure an "upstairs/downstairs" network complete with printing and remote-controlled music streaming. Here's an overview.

10, 9, 8 . . . iTunes Blastoff!

By David Battino
August 27, 2008

I just set up my best-sounding podcast playback system ever, but there was one problem: I missed the first ten seconds during the time it took me to hit Play and then scamper down the stairs to the kitchen. AppleScript and speech synths to the rescue....

Flaky WiFi Update: Not OS X Updates, Might be Parallels Desktop

By Todd Ogasawara
March 14, 2008

I thought the last batch of OS X updates was the cause of my recent WiFi problems. However, it is now looking like the recent Parallels Desktop for Mac might be the culprit.

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