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Developer Week in Review: webSOS

Developer Week in Review: webSOS
By James Turner
September 23, 2011

WebOS is going to the great operating system repository in the sky, Oracle finds yet another way to peeve developers, and the UK tries to create a new generation of programmers.

Why attend InsideMobile?

By Steve Weiss
July 20, 2009

O'Reilly is presenting, in conjunction with 360 Conferences, the InsideMobile training and networking event in San Jose, Sunday and Monday, July 26 and 27th. We designed the program to cover the other parts of the story in this summer of...

New Poll: What's your interest in Palm's new webOS platform at the moment?

By Rich Tretola
June 16, 2009

Last week Palm released the Pre, which uses Palm's new webOS platform (based on HTML, CSS & JavaScript). Since webOS is using very familiar languages to many developers, we assume that there would be a high interest in developing for...

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