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Hurricane Ike Blows in New Approaches to Social Tech

Hurricane Ike Blows in New Approaches to Social Tech
By Kurt Cagle
September 14, 2008

One hundred and eight years after a storm that wiped Galveston off the map, Hurricane Ike made landfall over Galveston and Houston to the northwest. While the winds were not as strong, the eye of the storm had pressures more closely associated with a Class 4 hurricane than a strong Class 2. The island was hit with a storm surge of roughly 13 feet, enough to smash houses, cover roads with debris (including large boats) and leave the downtown area under up to as much as seven feet of water at one point.

ScreenFlow Wins Two Apple Design Awards

By Jochen Wolters
June 16, 2008

The bottom line I gave to my review of ScreenFlow, Vara Software's screencasting studio software, last month was that " ScreenFlow does deliver on the promise of providing a one-stop-shop tool for creating high-quality screencasts with excellent visual effects, and it does so in a polished, modern, and totally Mac-like user interface." Apparently, ScreenFlow also appealed to this year's Apple Design Awards jury.

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