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What Developers Can Learn from

By James Turner
October 4, 2013

The first highly visible component of the Affordable Health Care Act launched this week, in the form of the site. Theoretically, it allows citizens, who live in any of the states that have chosen not to implement their own …

HTML5 Recipes: Form Validation

By Romin Irani
January 19, 2011

We shall conclude looking at HTML5 form features by discussing form validation in this recipe. Form validation is an important feature of any web application that takes input from the user. To validate form data before submission to the server...

The iCalendar chicken-and-egg conundrum

The iCalendar chicken-and-egg conundrum
By Jon Udell
November 12, 2010

If you're a school or a business or a band or a club whose website sports an Events tab that doesn't offer a companion iCalendar feed, I hope you'll ask your CMS vendor why not.

Form Validation with jQuery

By Matthew David
October 1, 2010

Form validation using jQuery

Validating Operator Grammars in Schematron

By Rick Jelliffe
July 21, 2010

Operator Grammars is a linguistic theory that we can adopt (or be inspired by, or perhaps dumb-down) for validation purposes. We don't need more information than is in the Wikipedia summary: we want to suggest Schematron features that can handle...

Validation in Flex with Hamcrest-AS3

By Joel Hooks
November 20, 2009

Hamcrest? No, it isn't a fancy sandwich topping. Hamcrest is a framework for creating matchers, allowing matching rules to be defined declaratively (from Wikipedia). Hamcrest has been used by many popular unit testing frameworks including JUnit and FlexUnit 4. Hamcrest-AS3...

Validating Code Lists with Schematron

By Rick Jelliffe
November 13, 2008

How happy the man whose documents are clearly divided into variant and invariant: data versus schemas. But in the real world, often there are data values or structures which have fixed choices, but not completely fixed: a twilight zone. Here is a summary of various ways of validating lists using Schematron, including how to validate data values that are drawn from multiple external glossaries.

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