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Why is Simple Soooo Not Simple?

By Sarah Sorensen
February 3, 2010

A simple upgrade is ANYTHING but simple! The upgrade packet had been sitting on my desk for the last couple weeks and I decided it was time to commit. Little did I know what I was committing to! Like many a blind date, where you hold out hope for Mr. Right, but open the door to a guy wearing too tight pants and smelling slightly of dirty socks, I found myself facing a situation frought with mind-numbing discourse and disapointment.

The Controversy over Apple's Safari for Windows "Update"

By Jochen Wolters
March 25, 2008

Like many Mac afficionados, I have to resort to using Windows for some of the work I do, and while working on a Windows machine, I rely on the familiar QuickTime and iTunes combo to add some music to my work day. The installer for this software includes a special stand-alone utility which helps keep the software up-to-date. Much like the Software Update utility on the Mac. The most recent update from last week, though, presented a fresh copy of Apple's Safari webbrowser even if the software was not installed yet. And the discussion on the 'Net on whether this behavior is acceptable, or not, is now in full swing.

OS X 10.5.2 Update May Cause Wireless LAN Problems

By Jochen Wolters
February 12, 2008

If you're using a non-Apple branded WLAN router and value your wireless freedom more than a non-transparent menubar and improved Stacks, installing the recent Mac OS X 10.5.2 update may not be such a good idea just yet.

iPod touch January Upgrade Issue Resolved

By Todd Ogasawara
February 6, 2008

It took two email complaints, but Apple resolved the problem I had updating a second iPod touch.

Where to Find the iPod touch January Upgrade

By Todd Ogasawara
January 31, 2008

Seems like a lot of people can't find the iPod touch January Upgrade. Here's where to find it.

iPod touch January Upgrade Issues

By Todd Ogasawara
January 16, 2008

The iPod touch January Upgrade (2008) added some long desired applets including an email client, notes, maps, and weather. But, I ran into a few glitches on the first day of its release...

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