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An innovation agenda to help people win the race against the machines

By Alex Howard
November 14, 2012

If the country is going to have a serious conversation about innovation, unemployment and job creation, we must talk about our race against the machines. For centuries, we’ve been automating people out of jobs. Today’s combination of big data, automation …

Overfocus on tech skills could exclude the best candidates for jobs

By Mike Loukides
July 20, 2012

The requirement that candidates must have worked with a corporate API might seem logical to an unseasoned executive or non-technical HR person but it's as wrong as you can get.

Corporations and Cloud Sourcing

By Kurt Cagle
March 9, 2009

The news out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the BLS) was grim this weak - the unemployment rate had reached 8.1%, climbing two whole percentage points in the last quarter. This rise is even more stunning given that unemployment had reportedly been stable for the past several years at around 5%, though this may also be simply a reflection that the numbers haven't been cooked quite so vigorously.

Surviving the Pink Slip

Surviving the Pink Slip
By Kurt Cagle
October 20, 2008

Everyone's been nervous for months, watching the market numbers, the stock prices, the declining sales figures. In the IT department, it's not been uncommon to see programmers with one window open on code, the second on the app the code's supposed to generate ... and the third on a steady stream of plummeting financial indexes and bad news about the economy. Then, about two in the afternoon, your project manager taps you on the shoulder - special meeting in ten minutes. When you stand up from your cubicle and look around, you notice that there are several security types idling in the hallway ... and you know, instinctively, what that meeting's going to be about.

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