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Strata Week: Intel wants you to reap the benefits from your personal data

By Jenn Webb
May 24, 2013

Intel’s taking the lead in the new “data economy” Intel is looking to take the lead in what it has dubbed the “data economy,” helping consumers and individuals realize and retain more value from their personal data. Antonio Regalado and …

The importance of ubiquity

By Scott Barnes
October 23, 2009

I've spent a few years studying the behavioral pattern associated with ubiquity, and I'm surprised at what I've learned along the way. Here right now, I'm going to unload my findings, and it's up to you to keep an open...

Seeking Ubiquity

By Kurt Cagle
September 9, 2008

The command line is perhaps the most fundamental of all user interfaces - at a terminal, a prompt character appears that you can type in a command with zero or more arguments, then press the Return key to evaluate that command. As an interface it has some serious limitations - there are typically few indications about what specifically can be typed into that interface, or the action that will ensue once you do enter the line, but for programmers in particular, the command line is also the foundation on which every other user interface ultimately rests.

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