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Communications Far Beyond the Bounds of ASCII

By Simon St. Laurent
October 4, 2013

When I first started programming, the ASCII set of characters was my playground, and it was hard to imagine how computers would deal with more. Today, in an age where international transactions are ordinary and the World Wide Web lives …

Grids and Tortoise Shells: Influences on CJK Typesetting - Plus: Can Standards Lead?

By Rick Jelliffe
March 28, 2010

In this blog, I want to suggest two great influences on CJK typesetting which can be understood as principles or generators of many CJK graphical idioms: the first influence is rather mechanical: that having square ideographs has consequences that tends to generate certain kinds of designs and ways of expressing those designs; the second influence is cultural and graphical: the influence of mystical diagrams associated with Taoism.

More super-styling

By Rick Jelliffe
December 2, 2008

n yesterday's blog I suggested the idea of super-styles. These are properties of elements which sit above the kinds of typesetting mechanisms our current generation of typesetting and office applications provide. They specify the rhetorical characteristics of an element that the rendering should expose. So what might these super-style properties be?

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