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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of REST APIs

By George Reese
June 4, 2011

I've never seen a perfect REST API. But I have seen some of the most horrible mistakes repeated over and over again by people building heavily consumed APIs. Here's a list of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of REST API design.

10 Suggestions for 2010

By Gene McCullagh
December 31, 2009

Can you believe it? 2009 is nearly over! Where does the time go? Are you satisfied with your photography this year? Do you have photographic plans for 2010? Lightroom is an excellent program but it still needs you to feed it images. If you find yourself in a creative slump or the shooting doldrums don't despair! Leave all that in 2009 and look to the new year with fresh eyes! Here are ten suggestions to help you rekindle that passion for photography! You may have seen some (or all) of these elsewhere but it never hurts to see them again.

Keywording in Lightroom's Loupe View

By Gene McCullagh
August 31, 2009

Sometimes thumbnails are just too small to let you see all the details in an image. If you don't have a second display and you would like to apply a group of keywords while looking at the Loupe view of an image here's an easy way. Begin by setting up your Keyword Shortcut. You find this under the Metadata menu in the Library module. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Shift-K on a Mac or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K on a PC. This will present you with a deceptively simple dialog into which you can enter any number of keywords separated by commas.

Tips & Tricks for Living Green - Practical Advice from the Author of "Living Green: The Missing Manual'

Tips & Tricks for Living Green - Practical Advice from the Author of
By Mary Rotman
August 20, 2009

Nancy Conner, author of the newly released book Living Green: The Missing Manual, has made it her goal to show people just how easy it is to make your everyday lives just a little bit greener. In a recent conversation, we talked about the simple decisions we can all make which make a big difference, as well as some of her favorite tips & tricks from the new book.

New Tricks for the Zoom H2

New Tricks for the Zoom H2
By David Battino
July 25, 2009

Zoom packs a staggering number of features into its audio gear. Here are a few that were surprisingly useful when I had to record some magazine and radio demos.

Josh Clark on iWork '09: The Missing Manual

Josh Clark on iWork '09: The Missing Manual
By Mary Rotman
May 6, 2009

I recently had a chance to catch up with Josh Clark, author of our newly released iWork '09: The Missing Manual. He had a lot to say about the new version of iWork, as well as a few tips & tricks to share to make the user experience even better. Click here to read our interview as well as Josh's favorite tips.

OS X Tip: Opening header files from the command line

OS X Tip: Opening header files from the command line
By Erica Sadun
April 13, 2009

Want a quick tip about searching for header files from the command line? Here's a how-to you can use.

It's Twitter, right? What else do you need to know?

It's Twitter, right? What else do you need to know?
By Kathryn Barrett
February 2, 2009

Want to make sure people find you on Twitter? Do you know the best tools for monitoring your buzz? In this preview of Friday's webcast, Advanced Twitter for Business: Conversation, Community, and Profit—140 Characters at a Time, Sarah Milstein (that's @SarahM ) gives you tips for doing both of those. In her webcast, she'll share other tips to help you increase your visibility in Twitter, effectively broadcast your organization's messages, and reap the benefits of listening to others. The webcast includes lots of real-world examples and plenty of time for Q&A. Register now to make sure you get a spot. There's more to Twitter than you might think.

David Pogue's "Top Ten Tips of All Time" for Digital Photography

David Pogue's
By Mary Rotman
January 16, 2009

If you're ready to jump into digital photography or would like to increase the skills you already have, David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual is just what you need. In this brand new book, bestselling author David Pogue provides a no-nonsense guide to the entire process, including how to buy and use a digital camera, get the same photographic effects as the pros, manage the results on your Mac or PC, edit photos, and share the results with your adoring fans. Here are David's "Top Ten Tips of All Time" for digital photography.

10 Tips & Tricks from the Tasmanian Adventure

10 Tips & Tricks from the Tasmanian Adventure
By Mary Rotman
October 21, 2008

As some of you may know, one of our authors, Mikkel Aaland, recently returned from a trip to Tasmania with a group of photographers and a team from Adobe. Below are tips & tricks regarding Photoshop Lightroom 2, as well as Mikkel's reflection on the trip.

Gary Bradski's Top Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of OpenCV--10 of 10

Gary Bradski's Top Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of OpenCV--10 of 10
By Sara Peyton
October 1, 2008

Dr. Gary Rost Bradski and Adrian Kaehler, the creators of OpenCV, have put their knowledge into a new book for O'Reilly. With Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library developers and hobbyists can learn how to build simple or sophisticated vision applications. Over the next few days Gary--a consulting professor at Stanford, senior scientist at Willow Garage, a robotics institute research institute/incubator, and vision team leader for Stanley, the Stanford robot that won the DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous race across the desert--shares his Top Ten Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of OpenCV. Read more.

Dan Roam's "The Back of the Napkin"

By Jimmy Guterman
March 21, 2008

I can't draw. Really. I'm a competent interaction designer, but my graphic design skills are those of a plankton. I can't draw on the right side or the left side of my brain. Yet, like everyone else in business and...

Scratch conference

By Nat Torkington
December 24, 2007

I've been teaching computer classes at the local primary school and have been making use of Scratch, an environment for kids that they control by programming sprites, sounds, and events. I'll post in the New Year about my experiences teaching,...

A great performance and operations blog

By Jesse Robbins
September 20, 2007

Anybody interested in web performance & operations should read Todd Hoff's High Scalability blog. When it becomes clear you must grow your website or die, most people have no idea where to start. It's not a skill you learn in...

Travel Tips: FlightAware

By Artur Bergman
July 13, 2007

In the course of my travels, I have discovered a few sites that are extremely helpful to get a smooth ride. Airlines currently have an information advantage over the customers. They have all the data, you have none. Want to...

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