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From Open Source Software to Open Culture: Three Misunderstandings

From Open Source Software to Open Culture: Three Misunderstandings
By Andy Oram
March 22, 2009

The original practice and promise of open source software is unique. The software experience cannot be ported whole-hog into other areas such as sharing songs or organizing public forums.

Blame the Credit Card Franchise: Criminals on Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Compute) Cloud

By Nitesh Dhanjani
March 11, 2009

Amazon EC2 is an extraordinarily powerful infrastructure available to anyone with a stolen credit card. Even if someone is able to use the EC2 platform for a few hours with a stolen credit card, he or she will be able to initiate a vicious cycle that may become impossible to halt.

Gartner and the Pope

By Nitesh Dhanjani
February 24, 2009

The Gartner press release makes extraordinary claims on how much phishing costs businesses: $3.2 billion is not an estimate that should be taken lightly by anyone. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (quoting Carl Sagan). As I read through the Gartner press release, I felt that the claims were unsupported because, besides the fact that a survey was conducted, it does not reveal the methodology used to arrive at the specific claims.

Can I trust my data to a security company? My password, for instance?

By Andy Oram
November 24, 2008

I bought a Windows PC this weekend and got ESET NOD32 Antivirus with it. What struck me was the elaborate security theater ESET puts you through to register for updates.

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