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Synching Up Your Life

By Kevin Shockey
June 25, 2012

You never now when you're an accident or failure aware from disaster. Having a multiple layer backup and recovery strategy is merely standard operating procedure.

Data Synchronization with AIR and BlazeDS

By Yakov Fain
February 9, 2009

One of the main selling points of Adobe AIR is its ability to support occasionally connected applications. Imagine a salesman on the road working with an application without having a network connection. As an example, this can be a salesman of a pharmaceutical company visits medical offices offering their new pills called Xyzin.

Enterprise Development with Flex

By Yakov Fain
February 2, 2009

This is my first blog at InsideRIA and I’m glad to be here. I’ll start with a quick introduction of the new Flex book that I’m working on with my two colleagues - Victor and Anatole. This advanced O’Reilly book is titled “Enterprise development with Flex”. The rough cuts version of the first chapter of the book is already available

Pseudo-Enterprise Integration

By Matt Twomey
July 14, 2008

It will no doubt take many companies some time to take advantage of all the new Enterprise Integration options of iPhone 2.0, but there are some ways to simulate at least some of that kind of integration, using software that you may already have.

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