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Using XSLT 2.0 as a Web Scripting Language

By Simon St. Laurent
August 9, 2013

A language built to support event handling, not strictly a functional programming language but fitting that mold. A deep understanding of markup structures. A home in the browser. That’s JavaScript, all right—but now, thanks to JavaScript, it is also XSLT. …

Four short links: 29 May 2013

By Nat Torkington
May 29, 2013

Quick Reads of Notable New Zealanders — notable for two reasons: (a) CC-NC-BY licensed, and (b) gorgeous gorgeous web design. Not what one normally associates with Government web sites! svg.js — Javascript library for making and munging SVG images. (via …

Adding Rich Animation to your iPhone and Android Web Sites

By Matthew David
August 30, 2010

Both the iPhone and Android Web browsers are built using the same technology, WebKit. With this in mind, you can create Web sites optimized for WebKit that will run on both phones. The focus of this article is animation for the mobile phone. We will cover CSS3, SVG and CANVAS techniques you can use today.

Four short links: 15 February 2010

By Nat Torkington
February 15, 2010

Tale of Android Phone in Earthquake in Haiti -- guy in Haiti with working unlocked Android phone and Internet connection used it to channel Facebook "save me" requests to rescuers. (via Andy Linton) Microsoft Operating Income by Division -- the title says "income", the graph says "profit", but either way the online division of Microsoft isn't healthy. (Love the...

PDFXML versus XPS versus SVG Print?

By Rick Jelliffe
August 25, 2009

I think we have to be much smarter in how we think about standards. It is easy to think about them in terms of agreements or libraries or mandates: all planned and directed activities. But I don't think that will work in this kind of case, where there are multiple, rival technical ecosystems. They don't want to agree. They have fans who don't want to look at alternatives. And they all are probably open enough to squeeze under the rosy gate of legitimacy from a public policy view. So to get convergence we need some other strategy. I suspect that the situation with SVG Print, PDF and XPS is the same as with OOXML and ODF: the route to convergence may not happen at the level of markup harmonization at all, but instead by the support of plurality.

Yes, you can now use quite a bit of SVG in the Internet Explorer too. With Ample SDK.

By Sergey Ilinsky
July 30, 2009

The Scalable Vector Graphics technology, SVG in short, seems to be experiencing nowadays its second (or third?) birth on the web. The browser vendors are investing heavily into lifting up what they initially prototyped long time before. This is true of Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but there is no clear indication on the plans to supporting SVG from the major browser vendor - Microsoft. True, Microsoft has recently made a vague statement on its commitment to support the standards and the thrilling web-as-a-platform thing aka HTML5, but in what extent and when? And what shall we do until that time has come, or until the older IE browser park has updated?

The big fish swallow the little fish: Adobe's FXG and MicroSoft's OOXML

By Rick Jelliffe
May 6, 2009

Adobe's FXG seems to be to PSD what OOXML is to .DOC: a re-factoring of a middle-aged binary format in XML with a focus on fidelity rather than elegance. My working model is that we need to think of the de-proprietarization of market-dominating technologies in the intensely pragmatic model of a sequence of bigger fish swallowing smaller fish: a sequence of consolidation of dialects, modularization of parts, then adoption into pluralistic frameworks and Adaptability Standards, allowing user selection of winning mini-technologies. Each stage of which will take at least a major software release cycle.

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