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Benefits and Impediments to Health IT

By Sarah Sorensen
June 2, 2010

HealthIT can help broaden the reach of medical expertise and care to rural areas. It can support skill building and improve access to information and resources for medical professionals to better equip them to diagnose and treat those who walk through their clinic's door...

The Widening HTML5 Chasm

By Simon St. Laurent
February 15, 2010

Recent claims that Adobe is blocking HTML5 are glaringly wrong, reflecting mostly the incompatibilities between the two organizations,the W3C and WHATWG, sharing the process.

Principles for Standardized REST Authentication

By George Reese
December 26, 2009

I'm tired of wasting brain cycles figuring out whether a given vendor requires you to sign your query before or after you URL encode your parameters and I am fed up with vendors who insist on using interactive user credentials to authenticate API calls. Here's a set of standards that I think should be in place for any REST authentication scheme.

Should OOXML be a national standard? - Strict OOXML: probably not; Transitional OOXML: surely not?

By Rick Jelliffe
August 11, 2009

There is no inconsistency in ajudging that a particular technology would be usefully written up as an international standard but yet not appropriate for a national standard.

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