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Four short links: 10 January 2011

By Nat Torkington
January 10, 2011

Tools and Practices for Working Virtually -- a detailed explanation of how the RedMonk team works virtually. Twitter Accounts for All Stack Overflow Users by Reputation (Brian Bondy) -- superawesome list of clueful people. The Wonderful World of Early Computing -- from bones to the ENIAC, some surprising and interesting historical computation devices. (via John D. Cook) Overlapping Experiment...

Strata Week: Shop 'til you drop

Strata Week: Shop 'til you drop
By Julie Steele
December 16, 2010

In this edition of Strata Week: Stack Exchange takes their hardware and software in-house; Neflix explains their adoption of AWS and open source; the New York Times maps out survey and census data; and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace.

Four short links: 4 August 2010

By Nat Torkington
August 4, 2010

FuXi -- Python-based, bi-directional logical reasoning system for the semantic web from the folks at the Open Knowledge Foundation. (via About Inferencing) Harness the Power of Being an Internet -- I learn by trying to build something, there's no other way I can discover the devils-in-the-details. Unfortunately that's an incredibly inefficient way to gain knowledge. I basically wander around...

Visualizing Stackoverflow's data dump

By Andrew Odewahn
November 18, 2009

This post reveals the relationships among the top topics on stackoverflow by visualizing their monthly data dump.

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