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Scaling People, Process, and Technology with Python

By Dave Himrod
July 15, 2013

NOTE: If you are interested in attending OSCON to check out Dave’s talk or the many other cool sessions, click over to the OSCON website where you can use the discount code OS13PROG to get 20% off your registration fee. …

Installing Rails on Ubuntu Hardy Heron (Server)

By Simon St. Laurent
November 20, 2008

Want to install a Rails development environment on a bare-bones Ubuntu server setup? It's not that hard.

AIR API - Creating Tables and Databases

By David Tucker
May 8, 2008

In the last tutorial, I examined some additional techniques for querying an existing database. Today I want to explain how you create a database and create a table inside of that database.. If you are good with SQL and have followed along with this series, this concept will work as expected.  

AIR API - Additional Query Techniques

By David Tucker
April 18, 2008

In the previous tutorial, I demonstrated how to return all of the rows of a database table and access the results within AIR. Many times you will not want to retrieve all of the rows in a table, so today I will examine some techniques for querying your tables. I will focus on two main areas: Strongly Typing Results and Parameterized Queries.  

AIR API - Retrieving Results from a Query

By David Tucker
April 17, 2008

In the previous article, I examined the process for running a simple SELECT query on a pre-populated SQLite database in AIR. In today's example, I will actually execute a simple SELECT query and use the results to populate a data grid. I will also look at how to include a pre-populated database with an AIR application.

AIR API - Querying a Local Database

By David Tucker
March 31, 2008

In the previous article, I gave an introduction to SQLite and its place inside or AIR. In this tutorial, I will be explaining the code needed to connect to and query a previously existing SQLite database. This will take two articles to accomplish this, so this article will focus on learning the basic classes and methods that you will need to know. The next tutorial will contain a sample application that implements these features.

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