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XProc and SMIL: Orchestrating Pipelines

By Philip Fennell
September 14, 2009

Although the W3C's XML Pipeline Language (XProc) hasn't even left the stable yet, people are already looking beyond its original purpose. XProc was designed to solve the problem of how to describe the joining together of multiple XML processing steps. So, the question is, how do you extend XProc to handle new features like explicit concurrency...

When you're SMIL-ing, when you're SMIL-ing...

By Philip Fennell
January 8, 2009

...the whole world smiles with you. No it's not a typo, the acronym for the W3C's Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is pronounced "smile", and the SMIL Animation module sure makes me smile; even more so given the fact that I've seen it mentioned, outside of the usual multi-media circles, three times last year and once already this year...

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