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The Slideshow Module - Part 2: Tour's End and Some Tips

By Gene McCullagh
June 3, 2011

By now you've had a chance to wander around the Slideshow module and get familiar with some of the controls we looked at in The Slideshow Module - Part 1: Basic Tour. If you haven't spent much time in this module before, I hope the basic tour was helpful and encouraged you to try things out. Let's finish up our tour of the Slideshow module and then we can talk about a few tips/tricks to make your slideshows snappier. After that we should talk about some issues and concerns with how Lightroom has implemented slideshows and some possible alternatives if you still want more slideshow pizzazz than Lightroom can deliver.

The Slideshow Module - Part 1: Basic Tour

By Gene McCullagh
May 31, 2011

There are many articles, tips, and tutorials about the Library module. Even more has been written on wandering through the complexities and features of the Develop module. No doubt that these two modules are at the heart of Lightroom and where we spend the majority of our time. But Lightroom does have three other modules! The Print module seems to be the next most familiar. However, when I talk to users I am always surprised at how few ever really venture into the Web and Slideshow modules. Many have taken a look when they started using Lightroom. Few have returned. So let's take a tour!

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