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JavaScript Flexibility: Fun, But Use with Care

By Elisabeth Robson
May 21, 2013

When you begin programming in JavaScript, you’ll need to use variables. A variable is just a bit of storage to hold a value. Just about every line of code you write will use a variable of one kind or another, …

JavaScript Makes Browsers Behave

By Elisabeth Robson
May 14, 2013

If you know HTML and CSS, you’re ready to begin learning JavaScript. But you might be surprised, because JavaScript looks quite different from both HTML and CSS. That’s because JavaScript is a language for computation. Unlike HTML, which is for …

Cutting Your Programming Teeth on JavaScript

By Elisabeth Robson
May 7, 2013

JavaScript is a bit different from other programming languages. How? Well, JavaScript runs in an environment, and that’s usually the browser. So when you learn JavaScript, you’ll learn both the language basics, as well as how to use JavaScript in …

Top security threats to Flash/Flex applications and how to avoid them - Part 2

By Elad Elrom
June 4, 2010

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability that allows attackers to inject client-side script. XSS stands for many of the attack we see on the Web today. Attackers find some kind of a creative way to inject script into web pages, which than allow them to expose the user to many security risks

iTunes DJ AppleScript: Fade to Next Track

iTunes DJ AppleScript: Fade to Next Track
By David Battino
May 29, 2009

A radio DJ who runs her set from iTunes asked me if I could modify one of my fade-out AppleScripts. She wanted to end a song on demand and make iTunes crossfade into the next song on the playlist. I...

Spring Getting into a Groove with Groovy: SpringSource Acquires G2One

Spring Getting into a Groove with Groovy: SpringSource Acquires G2One
By Timothy M. O'Brien
November 12, 2008

Rod Johnson and Graeme Rocher discuss SpringSource's acquisition of G2One. In this 20 minute interview, both Johnson and Rocher discuss the differences between Groovy and other scripting lanuages available on the JVM and why they believe that Groovy on Grails provides the path of least resistance for enterprise web application development.

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