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Programming as Live Performance

By Simon St. Laurent
June 3, 2009

As I'm writing this, twenty people are watching their peers write code. They aren't looking over anyone's shoulders, or doing peer programming - they're watching mirrors of screens at the TopCoder Open, seeing exactly how competitors work their way through algorithm problems in C++, Java, and C#. Is this something we should be doing more of?

Personalizing the Learning Conversation

By Simon St. Laurent
May 5, 2009

Twenty years of change are shifting technology from top-down broadcast-model documentation and training to a more conversational approach that shrinks the social distance between teacher and learner, personalizing our experience.

The O'Reilly 5-Step Plan for Evaluating Photoshop CS4... For Free

By Derrick Story
December 11, 2008

The number one question I get from photographers about Photoshop CS4 is, "Why should I bother to upgrade?" If you haven't seen the application, it's a totally reasonable query. So, we've put together an introductory package that will show you the highlights (for photographers) in CS4. It's a great plan, and here's how it rolls out.

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