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How ICT Can Improve the Environmental Performance of Educational Institutions

By Sarah Sorensen
July 14, 2010

I would like to talk about some of the ways in which schools are driving the use of technology to improve the environmental performance of their institutions...

Makers versus Sponges

By Elizabeth Corcoran
June 14, 2010

Today's technology lets us choose if we want to absorb other people's ideas or build our our own. Shouldn't that be starting point when we argue about the role of technology in schools?

Four short links: 17 May 2010

By Nat Torkington
May 17, 2010

MapReduce and Hadoop Algorithms in Academic Papers -- a collection of such papers, interesting for those who wrangle big data. (via tlockney on delicious) Facebook and Radical Transparency: A Rant (danah boyd) -- well-argued and well-written piece about what is becoming the tech issue of the year. The key to addressing this problem is not to say “public or...

One Way To Build A Smarter School Infrastructure

By Elizabeth Corcoran
April 22, 2010

Ask a hundred kids to draw a picture of “home” and you’ll see some common themes: “home” should be safe, warm, fun, inviting. There should be room to play, to rest, to grow—maybe even to work. And then there will be a million differences, including laugh-out-loud details (bunkbeds on the ceiling?) as well as sweet ones. Ask a hundred...

Wikipeadia Papers - How to improve Wikipedia and University Studies Quality

By Mark Finnern
July 15, 2009

How to bring Wikipedia up to the scientific standard that many in the Universities are claiming it is missing: The Wikipedia Paper. Every student that takes a class, no matter what topic, has to create or improve a Wikipedia page of the Topic of the class.

libproxy tries to fix what sucks about proxies--and other news from first day of Southern California Linux Expo

libproxy tries to fix what sucks about proxies--and other news from first day of Southern California Linux Expo
By Andy Oram
February 21, 2009

Application support for proxies is inconsistent. Nathaniel McCallum and his colleagues have done a pretty exhaustive study of application support for proxies. This is a classic problem crying out for standardization, and libproxy tries to fill that gap. Existing applications would have to be rewritten, but for an interface that provides only three calls, how much trouble can that be?

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