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How To (Semi-)Automate JavaScript Refactoring

By Simon St. Laurent
February 20, 2014

Computers aren’t ready to write much of our code for us, but they can still help us clean and improve our code. At Fluent 2013, O’Reilly’s Web Platform, JavaScript and HTML5 conference, Giles Bowkett demonstrated a wide variety of ways …

Code Simplicity: The science of software design

By Max Kanat-Alexander
April 10, 2013

If you want to be a better programmer, a good first step would be to choose an area of software development to take additional responsibility for. Now, when we say “responsibility,” we don’t mean the sort of “you’re to blame …

Essential developer skills: Refactoring in Visual Studio 2010

By Andrew Stellman
August 8, 2010

If you've been reading my blog posts, you know that I try to help novice and intermediate C# programmers improve their skills, and help progress along the developer career path. I think this goes beyond simply getting better at programming C# and .NET. There are additional skills that, in my opinion, really make a difference in your ability to code. It's possible to become an advanced programmer without them, but it's a lot easier with them. Refactoring is one of those skills, and I think that any C# developer—even a novice one—can benefit from it. If you're a C# developer looking to take the next step on your career path and you don't refactor your code regularly, this is a great starting point to help move to the next level.

Refactoring with Maté

By Amy Blankenship
May 22, 2010

So, I lied last week when I said I wouldn't talk about the architecture of the example file I revamped to work with Maté. On further consideration, I thought it might be useful to go over it briefly, if only...

SourceMate Beta Review

By Jesse Freeman
January 25, 2010

Advanced Flash Tactics or AFTs are techniques that come from deep within the Flash Art Of War, the oldest Flash military treatise in the world. In this AFT I will go over - SourceMate. SourceMate is a new plugin...

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