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Postfix Postscreen to Increase Your SPF (Spam Protection Factor)

By Kyle Dent
July 7, 2009

Postfix is about to add a new tool to the anti-spam arsenal called "postscreen" for now, but the name is likely to change before it goes into a production release. Among other things postscreen detects when a client starts talking before it's supposed to. It's a daemon that accepts connections ahead of the current SMTP daemon and provides various types of filtering based on the client connection.

Cloud Tips: Sending Email from an EC2 Instance

By George Reese
January 16, 2009

Many email systems mark email coming from an SMTP server in the Amazon cloud as spam. As a result, you can't use traditional mail delivery techniques for sending out form submissions or program alerts from the cloud. In this cloud tip, I describe how you can successfully send legitimate email from an Amazon EC2 instance.

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