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Top Stories: August 22-26, 2011

Top Stories: August 22-26, 2011
By Mac Slocum
August 26, 2011

This week on O'Reilly: Mark Sigal examined the legacy of Steve Jobs, we talked with New York Times data artist Jer Thorp about the commingling of data, art and science, and Tim O'Reilly and Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz discussed Google+, data portability and more.

Health gets personal in the cloud

By Brian Ahier
November 19, 2009

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the world. The United States spends over 17% of its GDP on healthcare and the issue of the industry's future is being hotly debated in Congress. Whatever happens to other elements of health reform, health information technology will play a key role in moving us towards the goal of bending the cost...

Cloud API Wars - Where is the security arsenal?

By Subra Kumaraswamy
September 11, 2009

Last week was an exciting week for the Virtualization and Cloud customers and potential adopters. During VMWorld 2009, a handful of announcements by the cloud computing "picks" and "shovel" providers marked the beginning of the "Cloud API War" -...

MySpace's Data Availability is not Data Portability

By David Recordon
May 9, 2008

Arguably vaporware, yesterday MySpace, Yahoo!, eBay, Photobucket (also owned by News Corp), and Twitter announced the Data Availability Initiative. While I could write at length about how this shows the big companies have already realized how to diminish the DataPortability group's brand by linking anything they do "data portability", that isn't the point of this post. The crux of the...

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