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Experience Syndication: Powered by Zappos

By Joshua-Michele Ross
September 12, 2008

I have been thinking a lot about the new Powered by Zappos service. According to Zappos: Powered by Zappos (PBZ) is a feature offers to its partners where we design, host, fulfill and own a partners web site. Our goal is to provide Zappos customers as well as our partner's customers with the best possible service experience. By building...

The U.S. iTunes App Store

By Ben Lorica
August 15, 2008

With the iTunes App store now over a month old, I decided to look closely at data from the U.S. store over the last three weeks. While sales numbers are not publicly available, Apple publishes overall as well as category-level rankings. There are currently just over 1,800 (paid and free) applications in the App store, double what it was three...

Kaminsky DNS Patch Visualization

By Jesse Robbins
August 7, 2008

Dan Kaminsky has posted the details of the widespread DNS vulnerability. Clarified Networks created this visualization of DNS patch deployment over the past month: Red = Unpatched Yellow = Patched, "but NAT is screwing things up" Green = OK...

Facebook Growth By Country and the Slowdown in App Usage

By Ben Lorica
July 21, 2008

With the Facebook Developers conference slated for later this week, I thought it would be a good time to give a brief update of a previous post on Facebook demographics. What follows are recently published number of users by country and region, along with growth rates for select regions and countries. Over the last four weeks, the fastest growing regions were South America, Central America and the Carribean:

An ESB for the Web?

By Jim Stogdill
July 11, 2008

Gnip seems to be to the web what the ESB is for the Enterprise.

Nokia to buy and open source Symbian

By Nat Torkington
June 25, 2008

Nokia have announced their intentions to buy Symbian and open source it. It's being seen widely as a response to Google's Android, also an open source mobile operating system. I think it's easy to confuse "open source operating system" for something that will provide all the benefits of the Linux development model. As always, "open source" covers a wide range...

Video of Rich Wolski's incredible EUCALYPTUS talk at Velocity

By Jesse Robbins
June 24, 2008

Rich Wolski gave a truly impressive talk at Velocity about an open-source software infrastructure for cloud computing called EUCALYPTUS . The API is compatible with Amazon's EC2 interface, and the underlying infrastructure is designed to support multiple client-side interfaces. EUCALYPTUS is implemented using commonly-available Linux tools and basic Web-service technologies making it easy to install and maintain. Watch and learn......

Hyperic CloudStatus service dashboard launches at Velocity!

By Jesse Robbins
June 23, 2008

Javier Soltero just launched CloudStatus during his Hyperic sponsor session today at Velocity. CloudStatus is a public health dashboard for web services like Amazon's EC2/S3, and Google's App Engine. Javier called to tell me about this last week after I declared that "Service Monitoring Dashboards are mandatory". This comes right after Amazon and Google had visible outages, and couldn't have...

Service Monitoring Dashboards are mandatory for production services!

By Jesse Robbins
June 18, 2008

Google App Engine went down earlier today. GAE is still a developer preview release, and currently lacks a public monitoring dashboard. Unfortunately this means that many people either found out from their app and/or admin consoles being unavailable or from Mike Arrington's post on TechCrunch. Google has a strong Web Operations culture, and there are numerous internal monitoring tools in...

Two new open source projects at Velocity

By Jesse Robbins
June 17, 2008

At Velocity next week there will be two significant open source projects debuting. The first is the Jiffy: Open Source Performance Measurement and Instrumentation tool created by Scott Ruthfield and his team at Most tools for measuring web performance come in two flavors: Developer-installed tools (Firebug, Fiddler, etc.) that allow individuals to closely trace single sessions Third-party performance monitoring...

Bill Coleman to keynote Velocity

By Jesse Robbins
June 11, 2008

Bill Coleman has twice transformed our industry, and I'm excited to announce that he will keynote Velocity later this month. Bill is most famous for being the "B" in BEA and for leading the creation of Solaris while at Sun. He is now the CEO of his new startup, Cassatt, which "makes Data Centers more efficient". Bill is awesome and...

Myspace/Facebook App Platforms & Total Installs

By Ben Lorica
May 19, 2008

Within a few months, Myspace has quietly built an application platform with over twelve hundred applications. I previously posted a graph for Facebook app categories, in which I compared the categories using the number of active users. Unlike the older Facebook platform, Myspace only provides the number of installs: It took a few months before Facebook started publishing active usage...

Structure and Velocity

By Jesse Robbins
May 10, 2008

Several people have asked me about the differences between Om Malik's Structure conference and our Velocity Web Performance & Operations conference.  Velocity is on June 23 & 24th at the SFO Mariott, and Structure follows on June 25th in San Francisco.  The conferences are complimentary: Structure discusses what is changing in internet infrastructure, and Velocity teaches how to make...

MySpace's Data Availability is not Data Portability

By David Recordon
May 9, 2008

Arguably vaporware, yesterday MySpace, Yahoo!, eBay, Photobucket (also owned by News Corp), and Twitter announced the Data Availability Initiative. While I could write at length about how this shows the big companies have already realized how to diminish the DataPortability group's brand by linking anything they do "data portability", that isn't the point of this post. The crux of the...

The battle for the cloud

By Tim O'Reilly
May 6, 2008

Andy Kessler has a great op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, The War for the Web: Microsoft was smart to walk away (for now) from its $44 billion bid for Yahoo. It's never good to overpay. But the software giant - whose stock has flatlined for eight years - was onto the right strategy in looking to the Web...

Velocity preview at Web2.0 Expo

By Jesse Robbins
April 11, 2008

At the Web2.0 Expo this month we have a small preview of some of the topics and speakers at the Velocity Web Performance & Operations conference.  (Radar readers get a 20% discount by using "vel08js" as a discount code... and yes it works with the $300 early registration discount!). Failure HappensFriday @ 11:00 am, Room 2009 Artur Bergman and I...

What is Web Operations?

By Jesse Robbins
March 30, 2008

Theo Schlossnagle wrote a brilliant summary of one of the biggest challenges we discussed at the Velocity Summit in January:What is this Velocity Summit thing? It was a bunch of web architects from highly trafficked sites sitting around talkin' smack. It was operated in Foo style. However, one thing that made me really appreciate this meet-up was the lack of...

Amazon improves EC2 (by embracing failure)

By Jesse Robbins
March 27, 2008

Amazon just announced two big improvements to EC2: Multiple LocationsAmazon EC2 now provides the ability to place instances in multiple locations. Amazon EC2 locations are composed of regions and Availability Zones. Regions are geographically dispersed and will be in separate geographic areas or countries. Currently, Amazon EC2 exposes only a single region. Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered...

How Technology Almost Lost the War, but Should Do Better

By Jim Stogdill
March 22, 2008

Technology almost lost the war, but can't we make it better?

Sneaking Around With Other People's Platforms ... and a Countdown to Graphing Social Patterns West

By Dave McClure
February 27, 2008

Multiple Platforms, One Geek. What's a man to do?

US Judge censors by ordering DNS records removed

By Jesse Robbins
February 19, 2008

The BBC and many others report that the international whistle-blower website has been taken down as of this morning. Judge Jeffery White ordered that the domain be removed at the request of Julius Baer Bank & Trust. Not...

Amazon S3 / EC2 / AWS outage this morning...

By Jesse Robbins
February 16, 2008

Many of's Web Services were down this morning with some customers reporting outages lasting over three hours. Sites that depend on services that depend on EC2 or S3 are down as well. Failures like this happen in every system,...

Understanding the undersea cable cuts... (updated: "fifth cable cut")

By Jesse Robbins
February 6, 2008

The Fiber Cuts in the Middle East are getting a lot of attention. The economic damage is real and the geopolitical issues are extremely complex (which is why I edited my earlier post). From an operations perspective these kinds of...

Failure Happens: Transcontinental fiber-optic submarine cables

By Jesse Robbins
February 3, 2008

The Guardian published a summary of the ongoing impact from the transcontinental fiber-optic submarine cable cuts along with a map from According to reports, the internet blackout, which has left 75 million people with only limited access, was caused...

One Laptop Per Child will succeed even if it "fails"

By Jimmy Guterman
January 13, 2008

The way people are dismissing the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project this week reminds me of how people were treating Hillary Clinton during the five days between her Iowa defeat and her New Hampshire comeback. To many observers, the...

'Computing in the Cloud' workshop hosted by Princeton University - January 14-15

By Jesse Robbins
December 22, 2007

Marc Hedlund and I will be speaking at the 'Computing in the Cloud' workshop hosted by the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton on January 14-15. The sessions look very interesting and registration is free. Panel 1: Possession and...

Static on the Dream Phone

By Tim O'Reilly
December 16, 2007

This morning, the New York Times published my op-ed about the need for an open phone ecosystem under the title Static on the Dream Phone. I had originally titled it Openness is not a fig leaf. In it, I argue...

O'Reilly launches Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference

By Jesse Robbins
November 16, 2007

* Maximizing database performance and efficiency * Optimizing production code * Capacity planning and load testing * Configuration management * Monitoring and Instrumentation * Incident Management and business continuity planning * Virtualization in production * Policy / Process / Compliance in distributed environments Velocity is changing that by providing the best information on building and operating web sites that are fast, reliable, and always up.... Velocity is the place to obtain the crucial skills and knowledge to build successful web sites that are fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available.Velocity is changing that by providing the best information on building and operating web sites that are fast, reliable, and always up. people building Web2.0 face similar challenges: Our sites must be faster, the infrastructure needs to scale, and everything must be available all the time.... We're bringing together people from around the world who are doing the best performance work, to improve the experience of web users worldwide.

Mark Cuban, Facebook, and OpenSocial

By Tim O'Reilly
November 5, 2007

Mark Cuban is, as usual, insightful when he describes the potential of Facebook profiles to be used as the basis for smarter social applications outside of Facebook. His call for a truly open Facebook API is a must-read for anyone...

Web2Summit: Complexity + Tight Coupling = Catastrophe

By Jesse Robbins
October 20, 2007

Paul Kedrosky and Tim O'Reilly just talked about the "Quant Fund Meltdown" and how complex interactions between computer systems and people resulted in unprecedented hedge fund losses. I spend a lot of time thinking about risk and failure in...

Web2Summit: Cisco announces the Eos open media platform

By Jesse Robbins
October 18, 2007

Dan Scheinman just announced Eos, Cisco's community media platform currently powering NASCAR and the NHL (see Dan's NHL profile). He said that the “Entertainment Operating System” would be generally available in 2008 and open to developers with APIs. The...

Web2Summit: Apple announces iPhone SDK... Will third-party media apps be welcome?

By Jesse Robbins
October 17, 2007

Steve Jobs just announced that the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) will be released in February. This wasn't a Web2.0 Summit announcement, but may be good news for everybody hoping to bring technology to Apple's platform. His announcement provides...

[Web2Summit] Apple announces iPhone SDK... Will third-party media apps be welcome?

By Jesse Robbins
October 17, 2007

Steve Jobs just announced that the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) will be released in February. This wasn't a Web2.0 Summit announcement, but is good news for everybody hoping to bring technology to Apple's platform. His announcement provides no...

Threadless Is No Longer Placeless With Retail Store

By Brady Forrest
October 3, 2007

Skinnycorp, the company behind the community-driven t-shirt site Threadless (Radar post), has opened a companion retail store in Chicago. Unsurprisingly, the physical instantiation of their service is just as well-designed as the virtual one. If you own a website...

Adobe Thermo: Building Flex's RIAs Gets Easy

By Brady Forrest
October 2, 2007

Adobe gave a preview of their new RIA-Builder, Thermo, today at MAX. The live, onstage demo showed how to take a Photoshop-generated screenshot and transform it into an interactive Flex UI that can be edited in FlexBuilder. This new...

You Become what You Disrupt

By Jesse Robbins
October 2, 2007

An idea we've been exploring in advance of the Web2.0 Summit is "You become what you disrupt": What changes occur when you win a platform play, when you go from disruptive technology to a public utility? Where are the opportunities...

Nokia Buys NAVTEQ; Where does that leave MS, Garmin and Google?

By Brady Forrest
October 1, 2007

Nokia, mobile phone handset manufacturer and designer, has announced plans to acquire NAVTEQ, the largest mapping data provider. NAVTEQ's purchase is not surprising; their largest competitor, Tele Atlas was just bought by TomTom earlier this year (Radar post). This...

Disaster Telecom after the earthquake in Peru

By Jesse Robbins
August 18, 2007

The BBC is reporting that over 500 people were killed and thousands of people left injured and homeless after the earthquakes in Peru earlier this week. The 24 hour Skype outage started shortly after the earthquake and contributed to the...

Opening up the Social Network Graph

By Artur Bergman
August 17, 2007

LiveJournal founder Brad Fitzpatrick and Open Source Awards winner David Recordon just posted a manifesto titled "Thoughts on the Social Graph". Brad and David presented their work at Foo Camp and have been sharing it with interested parties over the...

Update: Firefox vs. IE in O'Reilly Network Logs

By Tim O'Reilly
July 5, 2007

In April of 2005, I posted an entry on Firefox vs. IE in O'Reilly Network Logs, in which I noted that Firefox represented 35% of access, up from 19% the year before, and that IE was down from 75 to...

XULRunner for the iPhone

By Marc Hedlund
June 13, 2007

There are two current conversations about development platforms that I think deserve a little merging. First, there's a lot of interest in so-called "rich Internet applications" platforms, like Adobe's AIR and XULRunner. Second, there's much debate over the meaning of...

Google releases open source toolkit for offline web apps.

By Artur Bergman
May 31, 2007

Google joins the group of companies trying solve the offline web application problem with Google Gears. Released as an developer oriented open source technology, under a BSD license, as a new browser extension. It provides 3 significant components to the...

Six Basic Truths of Free APIs

By Nat Torkington
April 27, 2007

Amazon and Google have recently shattered a common misconception: that free APIs are a commons of goodies to be built on top of for fun and profit, like open source software. If you think that, then here are six...

Better Gmail

By Tim O'Reilly
April 21, 2007

Lifehacker's Better Gmail extension shows how open source is winning the browser wars.

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