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Microsoft opens up

Microsoft opens up
By Rachel Roumeliotis
April 17, 2012

Microsoft seems to be embracing open source more and more. What does this tell us about the company's near-term future?

Greener typesetting

By Rick Jelliffe
May 3, 2009

Consider that there may be one hundred million word processing documents printed every day (anyone know the real number?) That could mean a million extra pages per day generated because of page-profligate settings or algorithms. Now, paper is usually made from estate timber, so there probably is no SAVE THE TREES deforestation angle. But paper production takes energy, toxic bleaches are used, power is used to make it, fuel is used to transport it, if it is disposed by burning the carbon gets released, and more toner cartridges are used. A tiny effect for individuals, but a decent effect when aggregated. So can we green typesetting? Can word processing standards lead the way here?

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