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Five key takeaways from TOC NY 2013

By Joe Wikert
February 18, 2013

TOC NY 2013 is a wrap and based on the feedback I’ve received so far I think it was one of our best. When Kat and I closed the event Thursday afternoon we both shared thoughts on the most important …

Science as a service

By Renee DiResta
January 30, 2013

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the great innovations of Web 2.0. SaaS enables flexibility and customized solutions. It reduces costs — the cost of entry, the cost of overhead, and as a result, the cost of experimentation. …

The Watering Hole - Santa vs the Unions

The Watering Hole - Santa vs the Unions
By James Turner
December 25, 2010

Click here for free two-day delivery, or pay just $3.99 for overnight chimney delivery... Happy Holidays everyone!

Needed: A New IT Employment Model

Needed: A New IT Employment Model
By Kurt Cagle
December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve as I write this, but after having put the children to bed and turning off the tree lights, I find that my thoughts are not on Santa Claus tonight ... at least not in a very positive way.

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The Watering Hole