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Four short links: 11 October 2013

By Nat Torkington
October 11, 2013

Programming Synthetic DNA (Science Daily) — eventually enabling the reification of bugs. Schwartz — a shell for Quartz 2D with Python. The Slow Winter — best writing about the failure of Moore’s Law and the misery of being in hardware. …

Security on the industrial Internet

By Jon Bruner
March 8, 2013

Security must evolve along with the industrial Internet. The Stuxnet attack on Iran’s centrifuges in 2010 highlighted both the risks of web-borne attacks and the futility of avoiding them by disconnecting from the Internet (the worm spread, in part, using …

Industrial Internet links

By Jon Bruner
October 24, 2012

By mayoral proclamation this is NYC Data Week, featuring lots of events that bring together innovators who work with data in any capacity. To see the industrial Internet as it’s being approached by entrepreneurs and hackers, be sure to stop …

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